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AUDITIONS! SHOW BOAT. Non-Union call information:  (for AEA scroll down below)
Thursday June 25th at Pearl Studios 500 8th Avenue NYC, NY
10:00 AM-  Male Singers who dance well
1:30 PM - Female Singers who dance well
Sign up begins 30 minutes prior to call time. Unofficial sign-up lists will not be honored. Please prepare 16 bars of a traditional musical theatre song appropriate for the show. All will sing first. Some may be asked to stay and dance. Please do not arrive at the studio early.
"Show Boat" (Richard Stafford, dir.-choreo. Rehearsals begin Sept. 14; runs 9/24/15 -1/31/16; there will be an unpaid hiatus 11/30-12/27, 2015) 
Seeking Equity actors who sing for various roles in both:
"Show Boat" (Richard Stafford, dir.-choreo. Rehearsals begin Sept. 14; runs Sept. 24, 2015-Jan. 31, 2016; there will be an unpaid hiatus Nov. 30-Dec. 27, 2015) and
"Tim & Scrooge" (Neil Berg, music; Nick Corley, dir. Rehearsals begin Nov. 23; runs Dec. 3-27; no shows Christmas Eve or Christmas Day).

Equity Chorus Calls - Wednesday, June 24, 2015
9:30 AM - Equity Male Dancers

11:30 AM - Equity Female Dancers
2:30 PM - Equity Male Singers
4:30 PM - Equity Female Singers

Pearl Studios NYC "500"
500 Eighth Avenue (35th/36th Streets) New York, NY 12th floor

What to Prepare:
Dancers: Wear dance shoes/sneakers. Prepare 16 bars of traditional musical theatre song in case asked to stay and sing.
Singers: Prepare a brief traditional musical theatre song in style of the show. Some may be asked to stay and dance so bring dance shoes/sneakers.
All bring picture and resume.  Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.
Director/Choreographer - Richard Stafford
Executive Producers - Bill Stutler/Bob Funking
Producer/Casting - Lisa Tiso


Captain Andy:
Captain of the Cotton Blossom river boat. Father of Magnolia. Comedic character actor who sings "Captain Andy's Ballyhoo." (tenor)

love interest of Gaylord Ravenal. Ingénue who ages throughout the play. Sings "Only Make Believe" and more (soprano)

Domineering wife of Captain Andy. Comedic character actor (mezzo soprano)

Gaylord Ravenal:
Dashing gambler who sings "Only Make Believe" and more (tenor)

Entertainer on the river boat. Of mixed race. Sings "Bill" and more (alto)

Comic dancer/singer on the river boat. Sings "Life Upon the Wicked Stage" and more (alto)

Comic dancer/singer and Ellie's partner. Sings "Goodbye My Lady Love" (baritone)

Cook on the river boat. Sings "Mis'ry's Comin' Aroun'" and more (mezzo soprano)

Stevedore on the river. Sings "Ol' Man River" and more (bass)

A Musical Sequel to A Christmas Carol
All actors must have a good sense of period and be as comfortable in a period comedy as they are in a musical. The show takes place 15 years after the Dickens classic ends.

must play early 20’s --- great warmth and sense of humanity with a good sense of humor. Torn between his love for his family and his own dreams. Strong Tenor

early 20’s --- a beautiful orphan girl who raises herself up to a proper education and dreams of teaching. Strong, independent of thought and winsome. The love of Tim’s Life. Strong singer/Disney style soprano

50’s-70’s—The classic Dickens Character as we know him from the end of Christmas Carol, who is now dead and causing trouble in Heaven and on earth. Character high baritone

40's–50’s The classic Dickens character, reprieved from the underworld thanks to Scrooge's transformation, who is now trying to keep them both from getting into trouble. A work-a-holic and a worrier. Strong comic baritone

50’s – A bit worn from the struggle of life but still with that underlining love and warmth. Strong voice with an endearing quality. High Baritone

Late 40’s–50’s -- Full of humor, warmth and Sensibility. Speaks her mind. The matriarch of a loving and crazy family. Warm earthy voice with good range.

early 30’s -- comic, sweet, and a little bit off. Enjoys good natured torturing of her brothers mezzo/soprano

late 20’s–early 30’s – Married and awaiting the birth of his first child. A wonderful comic nervous quality. Bari-tenor

late 20’s—early 30’s – sexy, charming, and fun. Returns home from his architectural work in Paris. A strong classical actor who can sing. Baritone

50’s. A greedy and wonderfully comic Banker in a Gilbert and Sullivan/ Music Hall kind of way. 1/2 of a comic team Tall bass-baritone

50’s. A greedy and wonderfully comic banker in a Gilbert and Sullivan/Music Hall kind of way. 1/2 of a comic team Shorter high tenor

early 20’s. Allison’s best friend from childhood. Wealthy, very quirky, and an avid reader of romance novels. Strong belt/soprano voice
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