Buddy's Buddies!

Posted by: wbtpress on Monday, January 28, 2008 at 6:12:00 pm

John Rochette and Eric Scott Anthony play Buddy's band mates, The Crickets, in our production.  I chatted with them and they blabbed!    [gallery=10] JOHN:  "I just got back to the mainland..  ha, yeah, Eric and I were just on a week long Caribbean cruise together.  So, to answer that question, yeah, him and I are great friends and roommates in Manhattan.  And, we met actually in Ohio doing our first production of BUDDY at  Carousel Dinner Theatre.  I'm also very close with Pat as well.  I think the 3 of us will have a good time rockin’ in this one." 

"I grew up in East Hanover, NJ.  Jersey Boy, born and raised.  I've played drums since 3rd grade, and wanted to be a rock star my whole life.  I grew up listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Van Halen, and later Dave Matthews Band.  Then, come college, I decided I wanted to be an actor.  I studied theatre at Rutgers University, and also abroad at the London Academy of Theatre.  I've since been nothing but an actor and musician.  No side jobs.  I hate side jobs." 

"I've worked as a classical actor, and musical theatre actor, and actor/musician (Buddy Holly style), been a Blueman in NYC's BLUEMAN GROUP, drummed in rock bands, and even worked as a professional puppeteer.  I'm now also learning guitar.  I've recently started doin’ a lot of Soap Opera stuff too."
"To be honest, I truly discovered Buddy's music when cast in my first BUDDY production.  I was always a HUGE Elvis fan, but only knew a handful of Buddy tunes.  Now I'm really into Dave Matthews still, The Police, The Beatles, U2, The Who, and I love almost ALL 60's music."

ERIC: "I grew up in St. Louis MO- in a non-musical family (my mother sang a bit) typical suburban lower-mid class stuff. I started out in the school band on the saxophone- stuck with it through freshman year of college then let it go- and in that setting, met some people that would help shape it all."

"I had a couple of friends in there that wanted to start a band- I picked up a little bass and guitar to jam with them (I was about 13). one of them had very "hippie" parents so we did alot of Greatful Dead, Jefferson Airplane type stuff- we formed my first band called "Strangers in a Strange Band" (we had just read the Robert Heinlein book of a similar name)"

"When I first heard Eric Clapton's guitar solo on the song "Crossroads" on the Best of Cream album- I knew the guitar was for me ( I was 14). Later a woman named Karen Flaschar taught me to sing and really set me on this career path- we just lost her tragically to an ice storm accident- terrible stuff."

"I play guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, drums, sax, and some piano. The only lessons I ever took were voice lessons- they were frustrating at times but overall very helpful."

"I discovered Buddy Holly's music around the age of 6 or 7 when I saw the Gary Busey movie. I listened to a lot of classic rock (Beatles, Stones) and a lot of hippie rock- also ska, and reggae- and let's not forget the funk. make mine the p funk. Now i listen to about the same stuff- a lot more country bluegrass stuff- still mostly the Beatles- and I am not in a band- but soon........"

"We are all buddies. I met Pat doing Ring of Fire in Buffalo- we discovered that we knew some of the same people (very common in guitar theater) he later recommended me for the BUDDY in Akron- which is where I met John. He and I were roomie's there and it worked super well so we got a spot in NYC.  I was not a cricket in Akron so I didn't work tons with the other two directly- but we did have a "face-melting" Clear Lake Concert....every night. it was awesome making music with these guys- and will be awesome all over again!!" [gallery=9]


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