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Posted by: wbtpress on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 4:26:00 pm

Elton John started wearing glasses just so he could look like his nearsighted idol.

Paul McCartney once admitted that at least 40 of the Beatles' own songs were influenced by him. 

Lennon and McCartney cited that their band's name, The Beatles was chosen partly in homage to Holly's Crickets. The Beatles did a cover version of "Words of Love" that was an almost perfect reproduction of Holly's version. 

McCartney owns the publishing rights to Holly's song catalogue.

"He made it okay to wear glasses. I WAS Buddy Holly"  - John Lennon

Bob Dylan said in his 1998 Grammy acceptance speech for his 1997 Time Out Of Mind winning Album of the Year:   "And I just want to say that when I was sixteen or seventeen years old, I went to see Buddy Holly play at Duluth National Guard Armory and I was three feet away from him...and he LOOKED at me. And I just have some sort of feeling that he was — I don't know how or why — but I know he was with us all the time we were making this record in some kind of way."

"Holly passed it on via the Beatles and via us. He's in everybody...This isn't bad for a guy from Lubbock, Texas right? - Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)

"Buddy Holly had been a very big early influence - particularly the way he looked, and I loved the look and sound of his Strat" - Eric Clapton


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