Ready for Rob Richardson??

Posted by: wbtpress on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 2:19:00 pm
Rob is joining us as the title roles in Jekyll and Hyde! At this time, he is scheduled to perform the role every Wednesday matinee, Sunday matinee and Sunday evening. This will mark Rob’s 5th time performing in this show--
I’m originally from Danville, Virginia, and spent essentially my entire life through college in and around that area. Upon finishing at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I did everything from children’s theatre to theme park work to summer stock for the next few years, until finally moving to New York City. I didn’t have much of a backup plan mostly because I was afraid I’d end up using it. So, I waited my share of tables, temped, and even got my Personal Training Certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I’ve been lucky; the work was there when I needed it (usually), I met and married a fantastic woman and now we have two beautiful daughters and live in New Jersey.. My very first agent gave me the best advice anyone has ever offered, and it was (paraphrased), “Don’t wait to have a life. You can chase this dream for years, and it may never come. So if you want a family, have a family. They make all your successes greater, and all your failures less painful.”  So far, so good.

On Broadway:  A Tale of Two Cities (Ensemble, Sydney Carton u/s).  National Tours:  Showboat (Ravenal) and 1776 (Rutledge).  Favorite Regional:  The Full Monty (Reg/Jerry u/s, Paper Mill Playhouse), Disney's Beauty and the Beast (The Beast, Walnut Street Theatre) A Funny Thing Happened... (Miles Gloriosus, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival), Oklahoma!  (Curly, Cherry County Playhouse), Kiss Me, Kate (Fred/Petruchio, Flat Rock Playhouse) and 110 in the Shade (Starbuck, the Mac-Haydn Theatre).


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