Meet Inga Ballard as Queenie

Posted by: pia on Monday, October 19, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Inga (as Queenie)  with Michael James Leslie (as Joe)

I grew up in Sacramento, CA where my father was the Technical Director of the Eaglet Theatre which is now the Sacramento Theatre Co.  In the summer we saw shows at Music Circus.  Prior to that both of my parents worked for the Karamu Theatre in Cleveland, OH.  My mother was the Director of Children's Theatre and my father was the Technical Director and they both occasionally worked as actors.  I saw lots of shows as a kid. 

When my mother realized that I was serious about having an acting career, she told me go to college and audition for everything.  She's my mentor!

Show Boat is one of those shows that every actor knows something about.  I played Queenie in a production at Sacramento Music Circus in 2001.  I've seen the version with Ava Gardner as Julie.  That is the role Lena Horn was originally supposed to play.  I've also seen clips of the 1937 Paul Robeson, Irene Dunn and Hattie McDaniel version.

I Like working at WBT.  The staff is professional and the audiences are very enthusiastic.  Also we get to come home every night.

My favorite Musicals are: Hairspray, Ragtime, Chicago, and Gypsy.  My dream role would be anything written for a low alto!

When not on stage I like seeing more theatre, films and dance companies. I listen to  Lots of Brazillian Jazz and R & B.


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