Impressions of A Wonderful Life!

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Posted by: wbtpress on Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 3:38:00 pm

"This show invites today's audience to face shaky times with the hope that there can be redemption in faith and love. This is the heady stuff of which dreams are made, and at WBT, it's perfectly packaged for the holidays!" Bill Primavera of The Examiner.

"A Wonderful Life will please fans of the movie and likely win over converts who suffer from the bah Humbug virus about this time of year. " Chesley Plemmons of The News-Times

"This is a perfect Christmas treat for a holiday night out or gift for that person who, this year, might have nothing.  Check it out.  You will be glad you did.  We need a little ‘feel good’."  Judie Phillips of The Cue

"Today’s economic climate makes the WBT production especially poignant and will make you feel all warm and mushy at the end with more hope than you had when you walked in. A Wonderful Life  is Mark Twain, Normal Rockwell, Life magazine, filled with the optimism, the heartbreak, the spirit of a small town and the hope in every human being." John Bailey of The White Plains Citizen Net Reporter 

"Never before has the classic story, A Wonderful Life, been more apropos than now when we are told, finally, we have been in a recession for more than a year. After watching the struggles of financial institutions, the story of George Bailey and his family’s savings and loan has special resonance." Fran Sikorski of Hersam-Acorn Newspapers 

"We get a chance to see us as we’ve been longing to see us before the plague set in: good people, kind people, caring people, hopeful people. The way we want to be. And without embarrassment. No sneering at the simple, heart plucking story of George Bailey. It’s all right. In fact, it’s better than all right;  A Wonderful Life is so huggable, so heartfelt, and, yes, so corny, that somehow, you feel refreshed. corny? So what? Before corn was corn, it was nourishing and it is again. Hell, it runs cars. The show is long? Again, so what, if every inch is paved with the breath of belief in the story?" Eugene Paul of Theater

Robert Stoeckle (as Matthew) and Darin Depaul (as Clarence) Plan Clarence's Mission which will earn him his wings!




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