What's A Little Nun(sense) or Four?

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Posted by: wbtpress on Monday, February 23, 2009 at 11:17:00 am

Tevye & The nuns in "Anchors Aweigh!"  


John Bailey of the Citizen Net Reporter  sums it up perfectly:

"The laughs are corny, creaky, punny, preposterous, plays-on-words,  endearing, charming, bad, naughty, delivered by comediennes in habits. You’ll chuckle, giggle, promise yourself you won't laugh at these stupid, bad silly jokes. You'll roll-your-eyes, groan at the clunkers,  shake-your-head, I-don’t-believe-I’m seeing-this, I-don't-believe-they-said-that, and laugh. 

 There's jokes that fly, jokes that flop, old jokes, dumb jokes, smart jokes, double-entendres, whoppers, mentally excruciating puns. You'll learn to laugh again, I guarantee it."


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