The Heartbreaker!

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GRANT  NORMAN plays gambler, Nicky Arnstein, in Funny Girl.


I was born in Two Harbors, MN, and grew up in the Midwest, around Minneapolis. I was the only one in our family to enter the performing arts...and when I say family, I mean the entire family tree! I started singing at a very young age, and remember being in my first choir in the 5th grade.  I definitely got the bug, and continued to sing throughout high school and into college, where I auditioned for a dance company, and got in!  From there it was on to theater as a dancer, and eventually...leading roles.  I never had in my mind that I wanted to be an actor when I was young, it just happened.  I was aware how difficult the industry was, so I just played it by ear.  As long as I enjoyed it, and could make a living from it...I continued.  Fortunately, that led me all the way to New York City and Broadway.
I learned from so many people along the way but didn't really have any mentors for the business.  Kathy and Eddie Gasper were my mentors for dance.  I was in their dance company for 4 years (13 shows).  I learned an awful lot from them.  Eddie was a one time Bob Fosse dance asst. on Broadway and the movies.  He had many stories to tell.
I don't have a dream role. My favorite show is still "West Side Story".  The combination of story, music & dance makes it uniquely stand out for me as a masterwork of theater.       I've never seen the film of Funny Girl.  I try not to watch a movie version of a show I will be working on. 

Jill Abramovitz (Fanny Brice) is wonderful to work with.  I have found so many moments in the show that are moving with her.
When not on stage, I enjoy spending time with my wife and soon to be little girl.

My iPod holds a wide variety.  The song that is currently on it is "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden.  A hit from the 90's.  I love pop and rock songs from the 60's all the way to the present.  I LOVE classical music!  There's some Country Music, Jazz, R&B, Show Tunes (of course), New Age... Music is very important to me.  I try to appreciate and expose myself to all kinds of music.




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