Bambi in a habit!

Posted by: wbtpress on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 11:04:00 am

Bambi Jones plays the testy Sister Mary Hubert, a drill seargent of sorts..I asked her a bit about her habits!

I was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I attended St. Paul the Apostle School for grade school, then Professional Children's School for high school.  When I was a kid, friends of our family did commercials and introduced me and my brother to their agent. It all took off from there. 
I saw Nunsense in New York when it was at the Douglas Fairbanks Theatre and loved it! It hit home since I spent 8 years in Catholic School.
I first met Danny Goggin briefly1993 when I was working in Sydney, Australia and he was directing a production of
Nunsense 2.
Little did I know then that I'd become part of the Nunsense family 7 years later. It's great knowing you get to work with your good friends, have fun and get paid doing it. In the show, I really enjoy doing  "Three Shayna Maidels".    It's fun playing those characters and I love singing the tight harmony.  
Comic timing  it innate or can it be learned?   I think a bit of both. Even if comic timing is innate, it can always be honed. 
When I'm not on stage, Give me a good book to escape into and I'm happy!


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