Blakely Slaybaugh Slays Audiences!

Posted by: Pia Haas on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 12:00:00 am

 I grew up in Fort Myers, FL. I am the oldest of two. I have a younger brother who is also in the business, but neither of my parents are. I attended a creative and expressive arts elementary, middle, and high school. The Arts have always been a huge part of my life. Ive grown up in the theatre working professionally from a young age. Musicals, straight plays, all of it.
You could say maybe I was destined for this profession since at a very young age I was "tap dancing" on countertops. I did my first production at a local high school at the age of four. My dream was the stage and screen. It was fully cemented in my mind when I made my first weekly paycheck on a gig at age ten. From that moment forward I never looked back, and have had my families full support the entire way. I admire many many people. Men. Women. It doesnt matter to me, because every person has something different, something admirable that I'd like to embody in my own work and lifestyle. But some of note would have to be Fred Estaire, Gene Kelly, Joel Grey, Donald O'Connor, Bob Fosse, Alan Cumming, Raul Esparza, and Edward Villella.  

I first heard of 'S Wonderful when a friend of mine Kevin actually did the track I play now on a non-union tour a year or so ago. All I knew is that it contained a wide variety of George and Ira's work. I have never had the opportunity to work on the show until now, and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity given to me by Ray Roderick  and Vince Pesce to bring Harold to life at the WBT. As I was always raised around the "Old School" Broadway scene and mindset, I would definitely say I'm a fan of Gershwin. I even remember being given a two CD set of Gershwin tunes when CD's first came out, but I had heard many in the theater live prior to that.

Favorite shows?? Hmm. Its hard to say really. I like a lot of shows for different reasons. Some musicals and plays of note I guess would be Cabaret, Company, Rocky Horror Show, Tick Tick Boom, Passion, Light In The Piazza, Bug, I Am My Own Wife, Red, The Glory of Living, and recently, WarHorse. If you haven't seen it... what are you waiting for??

In my little down time not on stage I like to discover new movies, restaurants, and hangouts with my girlfriend Gretchen. I like wrestling with my two cats Abner and Orion whenever I get a chance. Other than that, I like spending time with good people. Thats all I need really.... Well I could always use more green space in the city I guess.

On my I Pod? Thats an easy one. A bit of everything. I'm not too discriminatory when it comes to music although I would say I only have a handful of country songs. Other than that I'd say I have every genre covered pretty evenly. Between having well over 3200 songs on my computer and my Spotify subscription; If you name it, I probably have it. Haha!

Blakely Slaybaugh with Deidre Haren in 'S Wonderful


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