Meet Gary Marachek as Sancho!

Posted by: Pia Haas on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

I grew up in Jeffersonville, Indiana and graduated from Indiana University. I never realized as a child that I had a gift for singing but my relatives were always asking me to sing something at family gatherings and reunions. I thought every kid could sing. 

My high school drama teacher was probably the biggest influence & encouraged me to be in the school musicals. I worked with and learned comedy from the golden era of the greats: Bob Hope, Martha Raye, & Bob Newhart.

I first heard of Man of La Mancha in high school when my high school teacher came over to my house and played the soundtrack.This production will be the fifth time I've played the role of Sancho. I don't generally like movie musicals due to the total lack of audience participation and reaction which, after a song, leaves the viewer in a kind of a slump. It's very anticlimactic. However, "The Sound of Music" and "Cabaret" stand out as two of my all-time favorite movie musicals followed closely by "Chicago."

I'm not sure but I think La Mancha will be my sixth or seventh appearance here at WBT. I first appeared here on this stage in 1994 as the role of Del in City Of Angels. I was last seen here on this stage in Phantom. I played the role of Cholet, the owner of the Opera. What I enjoy most about working here at WBT is the high caliber of actors the theater is able to obtain and the consistent top-notch production values. 

As far as dream roles is concerned, I have already played my dream role eight times: John Adams in 1776. But it's always a joy to play villains too. They're better written and they're a lot more fun.

When I'm not on stage these days most of my time is spent planning my wedding with my fiancé which will take place one week after La Mancha closes. Yes! I'm getting married May 7th. It's going to be huge! The event of the year.  In fact, Steve Calleran, the house manager at here at WBT is going to be in the wedding party. He has been a friend of the family for decades.



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