Ian Knauer, The Knight Of The Mirrors sheds light!

Posted by: Pia Haas on Monday, March 28, 2016 at 11:00:00 am


Ian Knauer as Dr. Carasco and as The Knight Of The Mirrors

I am from Toledo, Ohio - my mother is British and my father was American.  It seems there was always music in the house.  We were either listening to it or we were making it.  I sang from an early age as did my sister, brother and mother and we all played piano (some better than others!).  We all sang at church and then I started being asked to play parts in the musicals at church - which I loved.  Then when I was about 11 my church choir teacher suggested I audition for The Sound of Music at the Westgate Dinner Theatre - which was a professional Equity theatre right around the corner from my house.  I auditioned and out of around 500 kids,  I got the part of Kurt.  We played the show for about nine months - I loved it and felt so at home on the stage.  I think that is where my love for theatre really started.  

I also was lucky that my parents had season tickets to the theatre in town that had all of the national tours.  So I saw about five different Equity national tours a year starting when I was about five - it was amazing!

I think I saw the tour of Man of La Mancha when it came through Toledo but I have never done it.  I am excited to be doing it now and to really learn all about it and see it's affect on audiences.  I've never seen the movie but I do love movie musicals starting with all of the great ones from the '30's, '40's, and '50's.  Movie musicals now are very important because they can sometimes reach audiences that don't normally come to the theatre.  And I appreciate how the good ones always find a way to use the medium of film to tell a little bit more or a different angle to the musical.  I don't always like it better but I can appreciate what they do!

I have done Oklahoma!, And the World Goes 'Round, and Christmas Survival Guide at Westchester - a long time ago it seems.  I am looking forward to coming back and seeing what it is like now.  I remember it being like a family - backstage and in the house.  And the quality of the performers and shows is always very high.

My favorite shows are She Loves Me and On the Twentieth Century.  I've been fortunate to have done many shows that I've loved over the years and I'm looking forward to doing many more.  I'd love to play Scar one day and I'd really love to play Billy Flynn again - I loved playing that role!

When I'm not onstage I love spending time with friends and family - hopefully supporting whatever they are doing at the time.  Traveling is a big passion and I am thankful to be able to travel so much - with my work and for pleasure.  The last five years I spent living and working in London and traveling from there.  And before that I traveled and performed all over the world - and there is still so much to see and do!!


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