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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Meet Ken Jennings as The Monsignor in Sister Act

Posted by: Pia Haas on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

I grew up in Jersey City, NJ.  First generation Irish.  Dad from Newry, County Down, Ireland (Northern Ireland, but my family wouldn’t recognize the border).  I got a Jesuit education in high school and college.  I was a Latin major.  But, I have lost my ability at the language because I don’t use it, of course.  I attended St. Peter’s College on a Dramatic Scholarship.  But, it was just an extracurricular activity.  There were no theatre courses or classes.  So, I became a Latin major because it was easy for me to pass because of the high school background.  Since it was easy, I could perform in the many plays various groups did at the college.

Dad was a great storyteller.  Mom was a librarian and often took me to the library with her.  I think I became an actor because of the great stories.

I've never done SISTER ACT.  The most colorful person I ever worked with was George C Scott.  I did two Broadway shows with him.  Both at Circle In The Square.  George directed ALL GOD’S CHILLUN’ GOT WINGS.  And directed and starred in PRESENT LAUGHTER.  Best director I ever worked with for comedy (PRESENT LAUGHTER - Noel Coward).  Funny enough, he was drunk most of the time.  Sometimes, wildly drunk.  But the audience would never know it.  He was so in control on stage.  He’d stumble around, stagger, backstage.  But once he hit the stage, he was in control and wonderful.

I like working at WBT.  I did  THE WIZARD OF OZ up here. I like the people up here very much.  And it is a really easy commute from Manhattan.  The hardest thing about the commute is finding a parking place when I drive home.

  I saw the movie.  But I don’t know that I saw the whole thing.  Sometimes, musicals can make very good films.  I'm watching INTO THE WOODS as I write this.

I would love to play Shylock again in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE.  I have played it once.  Shakespeare is very challenging but very rewarding.

I play tournament chess every Wednesday at the Marshall Chess Club;  One of the most famous chess clubs in the world.  I love Chess and there's nothing like real tournament chess.