ERIC is doin' it for SUGAR!

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Posted by: wbtpress on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 12:20:00 pm

I recently caught up with funnyman, Eric Santagata, who plays Jerry/Daphne in SUGAR on for some sweet tidbits!

I grew up in Branford, CT.  the youngest of 3 kids in a small oceanside neighborhood called Stony Creek.  

I just always knew the theatre was where I belonged.  I was singing and dancing around for as long as I can remember.  I think my mentors were all of the 'old school' movie stars... Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, the Rat pack...  

Playing "Daphne" in Sugar a blast.  The great thing is we (with co-star Gary Lynch)  don't have to totally commit to being a woman...  we still can lean on the masculine side, so other than that we get to run around acting like idiots in a dress....!
I love the classics...  Singing In The Rain, South Pacific...  but lately, I've been pulled to the more contemporary shows...  the Light In The Piazza, The Wild Party...  I'm a sucker for a great score.  I would love to play Burrs in The Wild Party again...  
When not on stage, I spend a lot of time at my piano writing, or in the kitchen.  I sing and perform my own music ..  and dabble in catering for friends here and there!!


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