Gary gabs! (in a dress!)

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Posted by: wbtpress on Monday, June 14, 2010 at 11:11:00 am

Gary Lynch is turning out a hilarious performance as Joe/Josephine in SUGAR! One you won't want to miss! I asked him to tell us a bit about his journey! 

I grew up in Rhode Island, my Mom is an artist and my Dad was a teacher, athletic director, and coach, I started playing sports and acting at a young age...the two combined are what I feel represents who I am.....
My Mom got me involved in theatre at a young age to combat shyness...LOL,  I was hooked after performing onstage, it was Home...I also didn't mind the multitudes of actresses....what a life! It's where I met my wife.

How does it feel to play the girls  It has its own persona, I try my best to be my version of a woman, I consider it an acting exercise..stretch the limits....and of course, I have a new found respect for the amount of time that goes into making an appearance...all that make up and uncomfortable heels...yikes!

I recently saw the  Billy Wilder movie and realized I never saw the whole thing until now...I think the musical tries to capture the best of the film but could have had more of the film content in the stage show
What are my favorite shows?  Yikes...I commit to everything I'm involved in.....I don't have a favorite...but Les Miz would be on the top of my list. My dream role is something I originate in a new show.....  

When not on stage, I enjoy sports,  golf, gardening, grilling the general Dad stuff...............


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