Brandon Can Blow A Mean Trombone!

Posted by: Pia Haas on Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 12:00:00 am
 Brandon Singel as Winthrop Paroo in THE Music Man!
I live in Harrison and my everyday life is going to school and playing with my friends in the neighborhood.  Most summers I am in Germany with my family.  We stay in my Omi's (that's grandma in German) 300 year old farmhouse.  There's no TV and we spend time riding our bikes all through the town.  Everyone knows us because we're all somehow related.

My mom's friend Stephanie, who she's done lots of show with, called my mom to tell her that she was taking her daughter to an audition and told my mom that I'd be a perfect Newsboy for ACT's Gypsy.  I found out that I really liked performing and I was able to be in a show with my mom and my friend Jean and her mom.  It was great!
Both of my parents are very supportive of the Arts.  My mom performs with me in shows, but my dad doesn't - he likes to watch from the audience!  Growing up, I've always been around show people.  They crack me up!  It's hard to keep a straight face on stage with my mom...she has the most ridiculous facial expressions! 

I have NOT been to any Broadway shows yet and my favorite show that I've been in, so far, has been Assassins at The College of New Rochelle.  Last summer I sang a duet with my mom in Germany at my cousin's wedding with a 40 piece marching band and for 2 weeks people stopped me in the street to congratulate me. 

My favorite subject in school is Science.  I'm athletic, but I don't do sports.  I DO like to juggle and dance to swing music - I took a ballroom dancing class with one of my teachers from school. I like to play the piano, the baritone horn and the ukelele.  I think I might be able to play the trumpet by the end of our run of Music Man.  I don't really want to be a performer when I grow up.

When I'm not performing, I like to play my video games with my best friend.   
Music I I listen to is Lemonade Mouth, Maroon 5, and Michael Jackson or whatever music my mom makes me listen to - I really like JAZZ! favorite foods?  I'd have to say schnitzel with spaetzle and my mom's lentil soup...SCRUMPTIOUS!


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