Lexi Shines on the WBT Stage!

Posted by: Pia Haas on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 12:00:00 am
 Lexi Staubi (l) as Amaryllis and Victoria Lauzun (Marian Paroo) in The Music Man!

My hometown is Rye, New YorkBesides school, I take classes in acting, voice, piano, and dance.  I also audition for and perform in shows throughout the year.
As soon as I could talk, I was singing showtunes.  I love singing.  I became interested in performing when I saw a friend perform in a show at Tarrytown Music Hall. It looked fun, so I decided to try it.  When I was 7, I performed in my first show at Tarrytown Music Hall.  It was so exciting, I loved every minute!  The show was Oliver and my role was Bet.  One of my mentors is Emma Zaks, who is an actress I met at a Broadway Bound International one-day workshop.  She has worked with me and helped me immensely! 

My family members support me so much!  My dad always tells me to believe in myself and his pep talks push me to be my best.  My mom drives me 24/7.  My siblings could not cheer any louder at all my shows! My family members perform as well but in different ways.  My older sister Kayla is such a beautiful dancer.  I love watching her dance.  My brothers, Matt and Chima, perform on the basketball court and that is when I get to cheer for them at their games.  Our family recently adopted Chima from Nigeria last December.

My favorite show I performed in was Les Miserables at Yorktown Stage this January.  I love the show and the music.  My role was Cosette.  I enjoy going to shows that my friends are in and going to Broadway shows as well.  I have auditioned for a few Broadway shows and have seen around 10, a few of which are Wicked, Mary Poppins, 13, In the Heights, and Spiderman.
My favorite subjects at school are Math, Drama, Chorus, and Shop.  I used to be on a travel soccer team for a few years, but had to stop to pursue my true passion, acting, singing, and dancing!  Performing is my life and it is the reason I get up in the morning, singing from the moment I open my eyes!  I train and audition for TV shows, movies, and broadway shows, but my one dream is to be on Broadway someday.
My favorite music to listen to is broadway/showtunes and pop.  I listen to music all the time and most of it singing along as well.  My favorite food is Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  Macaroni and cheese is a close second!


Lexi, We love you! The girls and I....can't wait to see you in The Music Man.
Posted by: Lynn Naus on July 2, 2012 at 4:52:00 pm

Can't wait to see you on Opening Day. Have a wonderful run!
Posted by: Annette Smith on June 30, 2012 at 10:28:00 pm

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