Peter Pan?? Shh...he's really a girl!!

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Christine DiTota will fly through the theatre as Peter Pan. At 5'2" she'll be the perfect height to play a young boy!  Previously at WBT, she played The Ghost of Christmas Past and other characters in A Christmas Carol and had the challenging task of being the Female Swing in I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. (In which she performed both female roles and approx 40 characters!)  She is a brilliant Actor and Singer, as well as an accomplished Director. We caught up with her at rehearsal between flights!
I was raised by my little Italian Mom in a small apartment in Yonkers NY.  My brother and I shared a room until he got a little too old and then I shared a room with my Mom.  It was funny because one side of the room had religious artifacts cluttering the walls and the other side had pictures that I had ripped out of the latest "Teen Beat" magazine taped to the walls.  Usually, the pictures that were hanging on my side of the room were of guitar playing, long-haired icons.  And on her side, the Virgin Mary.  We ate pasta at least three times a week and went to church every Sunday.  It was a standard Italian household.  Lots of food, fun, laughter, and tears! 

I attended Maria Regina High School, graduated with honors from Westchester Community College and received a BFA from Purchase College Conservatory.  My first year of college, I had decided I would become a pharmacist.  I thought that was a strong/reliable choice.  I got a job working in CVS in the pharmacy so that I would be ready.  I had a meeting with my academic advisor and he took a final glance at the courses we had chosen and said: "I’ve got an idea, how about you try taking a theatre class."  I was a little surprised.  Then I thought,  " hmmm, maybe as a hobby".  I signed up for an acting class.  The teacher put actors in pairs and gave out one scene for each couple to perform.  I watched couple after couple get up and perform their scenes. The day came that it was my turn to perform my scene. I sat in a wheelchair, my character was handicapped and began the scene.  Something changed the moment I sat in the chair, I began to feel.  And I forgot who I was for a moment.  When the scene was over the whole class stood up and applauded.  When I could finally focus again, on something besides the character I was playing, I saw everyone standing there, clapping, and I began to cry.  It was a wonderful moment.  I have pursued the theatre since then…..

I love the classics!  It is my absolute dream to one day get the opportunity to play Blanche DuBois in "Streetcar Named Desire".  Some of my favorite roles have been:  Phoebe in  As You Like It,  Diane, a role I originated, in Clinton's View at the American Theatre Of Actors, Mabel in Pirates Of Penzance,  Maria (originated the role) in Swish, Maria in the Mourning.  Anne in A Little Night Music,  Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream,  Audrey in "Little Shop of Horrors, and Willie in "This Property is Condemned.

I’ve worked in the children’s entertainment business for the last 7 years.  I’m a party planner/entertainer.  It’s a great job for an actor.  I’ll dress up as a Princess, Pirate or whatever character a child could possibly desire for their birthday.  We play games with them, give out prizes, face paint, make balloon animals, etc.  It’s a lot of fun working with children and they ARE the toughest audience.  Also, it provides a person with some of the funniest stories you’ll ever hear in your life.  The birthday party business is chock full of entertaining mishaps

When I’m not on stage, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  I love going to the theatre to see plays or musicals.   Of course, there is the homebody side of me.  I like to curl up on the couch with my husband and dog and watch a good movie. My husband Keith DiBuono and I recently moved from an apartment in Harrison, NY to our first home in Carmel, NY.  We Live there with our cat, Zizi, and dog, Seymour. 


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