Meet Karley Willocks Turn Back, Oh Man!

Posted by: pia Haas on Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 12:00:00 am


I grew up in Annapolis, MD. I have a super musical family - my dad plays guitar and my mom was always singing and tap dancing. My brother went on to become a jazz guitarist. We are very close and love to make music when we are together. 

I started dance classes at 3 - a bumblebee in my first dance recital! I did my first musical at 8 and never stopped! My theatrical mentor growing up was an amazing woman named Bobbi Smith -- she passed away when I was in high school which was really traumatic for me.  However, that's when my next mentor came into my life named Bobby Smith (we call him Bobby Smith Boy).  Can't make this stuff up!

I always remember hearing of Godspell, but I've never been in it and actually never even seen it before. I've never seen the movie either... Obviously, I love the way films can make musical theatre more popular - and reach a wider audience. But I can be a tough critic on musical films... lots of changes are often made to songs/lyrics/dialogue/plot and I guess INo Turning Back  tend to be a purist and don't like things being changed.  A couple of musical films out there are great, but often times I think they are poorly done and wish they'd be left alone.

A Chorus Line has a very dear place in my heart, I've done it 6 times always as Maggie. So not only does the story itself speak to me, as it does most artists...and humans.. but I also treasure the way it has continuously been there for me professionally.

I also love Into the Woods, Les Miserables, Batboy and Rent.   My Dream roles: Eponine in Les Mis, Roxie Hart in Chicago, Cinderella in Into the Woods

When not on stage, I love being outside - hiking, bike riding, beach... all things nature. I also love hula hooping.  Reading. Painting. Playing ukulele. Going to concerts. I listen to  Lots of Dave Matthews... and Indie Rock, yoga music, my brother Dave Willocks -- and classics like The Beatles, Bob Marley, Earth Wind & Fire and Paul Simon



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