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Posted by: wbtpress on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 3:57:00 pm

Andy Kelso Plays MARK in on to discover what makes him rock!


I grew up in Aurora, Colorado which is a suburb of Denver. Also-I was born in a car-a 1980 Toyota Corolla that I eventually ended up driving until I was 18.  
Becoming an actor was something I stumbled upon.  In 5th grade, everyone was required to be a part of the school's Christmas show entitled Something's Up Down in Bethlehem. Our teacher had us sing for her so she could cast the show and, much to my surprise, I somehow ended up with the lead.  From then on, acting was always just a hobby-something I did for fun in school.  When it was time to go to college, I thought I wanted to be a sound engineer, so I decided to pursue that and ditch acting.  It was only after realizing how much I missed performing that I decided to change paths and go to school for acting.  It may sound obvious, but my mentors have always been my teachers throughout the years-from my high school theater teacher to my acting coaches in NYC...I've been blessed with some brilliant people as far as that goes.


I've been performing this show in the privacy of my own home and/or car ever since high school!  It was the first soundtrack that I knew backward and forwards.  I immediately loved the sound of the show and couldn't get enough.  This show was and is such a huge inspiration to me and I feel so honored to finally get a chance to be in an actual production of it.
I thought seeing the movie was a bit like seeing the movie of a book you've was interesting to see, but nowhere near as good as the real thing. 
Some favorite musicals include Billy Elliot, The Full Monty, Last Five Years, Avenue Q, and Passing Strange.  Playing Mark definitely checks a dream role off the list for me.  And speaking of RENT, I think it would be fun to play Roger someday.  I would also love to originate a role in a show someday.

When I'm not on stage, I like discovering new music, playing guitar, hanging with friends, and exploring the rabbit hole that is New York CityI also love to travel and try and do so whenever I get the chance!


On my iPod? A little bit of everything and a lot of rock n' roll.  I love discovering new bands and new sounds.  However, some favorite bands/musicians include Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, The Tallest Man of Earth, and Arcade Fire.




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