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Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet Mimi!

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Steena Fernandez stars as The mesmerizing Mimi in RENT. I caught up with her at rehearsal...and learned a thing or two!

I grew up in Odessa, Texas. I used to sing around the house on a turkey baster when I was 3, so mom put me in dance and singing classes. She knew and I guess I knew at a very early age, I had the bug.

I didn't start acting until high school. I saw some posters advertising for Steppin Out auditions at my high school, so I went and auditioned for the show and for the drama department. I got a part in the show and enrolled in the theatre program there. After high school I went to Texas Tech University to further my studies in acting, singing and dance. Mentors include: John Gillas: voice, Dr. Johnathan Marks: acting, and Judy Gorlin: Dance.


I loved this show since college. I remember they had an open call in Austin, Texas around the time when it was getting so popular, and me and a group of friends drove from Lubbock, Texas to go audition. I did get a call back but no part. Then when I moved to N.Y. right out of college, I auditioned for the tour and got Alexi Darling, Mimi understudy.  Touring this show was so much fun! 


I did see the movie. GREAT!  Basically if it says RENT on the cover I love it! In any production of this show, I can always find the magic!

Mimi is one of my dream excited to finally be playing her!!!! :) Some favorite shows: Cats, Miss Saigon, Hair, Wicked, Jersey Boys, Moon Over Buffalo, Ragtime and In the Heights.


When it's nice out, I love to ride my bike and go for a run outside. I try to go in the sun only in moderation, but I LOVE the beach and sun. Reminds me of going to South Padre Island as a child with family. Oh and I love food network, so I am picking up some good recipes and cooking more these days.

On my Ipod ..Oh I have anything from Van Halen, Johnny Cash, Coldplay: Viva La Vida one of my fav's, Jack Johnson to Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys.  Right now as I type this, I am listening to The Beatles...can NEVER go wrong with that!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

RENT is due!

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Mark Ayesh and Steena Hernandez will play Mimi and Roger in The Groudbreaking Musical RENT Opening AUGUST 19th!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Patti Wilcox ... Back for RENT!

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Patti Wilcox, the Brilliant Director/Choreographer will return to WBT to direct RENT. WBT theatre-goers may remember her outstanding directorial efforts in our Productions of Little Shop Of Horrors and Aida.
 grew up in Decatur, Illinois with my parentsone sister and two Brothers I had a great Midwestern upbringing and a wonderfully supportive Family. 
It was the works of  Kidd, Robbins, Fosse and countless  modern choreographers that made me want to choreograph. I love the  way story can be told through movement. 
I started out as a Choreographer and Assistant Director for a show in NYC called BLUES IN THE NIGHT.  Sheldon Epps, who is a Broadway Director and was the Conceiver and Director of that show, greatly influenced the Direction of my career.

I have not seen the Film version of RENT. But I had the great pleasure to be at Opening Night on Broadway (1996) And was Invited to closing night but I was, unfortunately, unable to attend. My approach to Directing this ground-breaking piece is to simply tell the story!

As a Dancer, My favorite show to dance was WEST SIDE STORY.  As a Choreographer, seem to love best whatever I am working on at the time.would like to do  KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN  because the movement possibilities are just endless. And what look forward to most would be to work on the piece that has yet to be written.

When not on Stage I enjoy  being with my husband and two children. Traveling, Tennisand we all just discovered ZIP-LINING! 

What's on  my Ipod?  I wouldn't even know where to begin... About  EVERYTHING!  
Thursday, August 5, 2010

RENT! Only 20,160 minutes away!

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You might be a RENTHEAD stand outside of your boyfriend's /girlfriend's window and serenade them with "Your Eyes" or... you try to relate your life to RENT, even if you live in an upper middle class neighborhood..or.. you were devastated when your drama teacher said he didn't really like RENT . .and the only... reason you took drama was because of RENT
OPENS AUGUST 19!  The Grounbreaking Musical won 4 Tony Awards as well as the Pulitzer Prize!