Lovely Lucy

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The gorgeous & tlented Michelle Dawson plays the tortured Lucy in Jekyll & on!



I grew up in a little town, Charlotte, Vermont.  It's just outside of Burlington. A red brick farmhouse.I was a lucky girl. I have a sister. I was born in Rutland. 

I was a "horse gal". I showed horses my whole childhood until college. My mother and I would travel all over the East coast. It was a huge part of my life until the music theatre bug hit me.

I studied voice at the age of 15 and Piano for 9 years. I got most of my experience before college at the community theatre, the "Lyric Theatre" in Burlington.

I met a man there who taught me so much about the theatre. He had gone to Carnegie –Mellon (Carnegie-Tech at the time)and after that,  there was no other college choice for me but that school!  I was determined to go there! Hard to pinpoint why acting/singing was my destiny...It just was, no choice!


I did Jekyll &Hyde with Bob Cuccioli 9 years ago here at the WBT, and also with Bob at Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. Here I am again. I love the show! I love Bob! I love WBT!


It’s always hard for me to pick a favorite show or dream role....I do have to say I just love characters that have a dark life, with that heart of gold and the struggles along the way. Or,  roles that just have a complicated life.... when it comes to a favorite show,  I do love J&H. I love the music and the romance!!! Lucy holds a special place in my heart.  Favorite shows tend to be the last show I did...maybe because so much research and time in the journey happens....which was Mamma Mia!  I was lucky enough to play two amazing roles, Tanya and Donna. Both are fantastic roles! Tanya and her fiery, fierce, sexy, fun, comedic self and Donna, the single, hardworking mom and her incredible journey throughout the show.

When not on stage I love to spend time with my 6-year-old son and my hubby. Family time, Eating, Jogging!

No iPod, sorry! I love all kinds of music, Truly!



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