Meet the "Enchanting" George Dvorsky..

Posted by: Pia Haas on Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 11:30:00 am
  I grew up outside of Pittsburgh PA in a little town called Irwin.  I was the youngest of five.  My family loved the arts.  My Dad sang in a barber shop quartet in the army but I'm the only one who left home to pursue this business we call show!
 When I was in ninth grade I broke my arm playing football.  I needed something to take up my time so I joined the chorus.  I found out that I could sing and then they asked me to do the musicals.  THE REST IS HISTORY!!!

My parents bought all of the movie soundtracks and it seems that they were mostly Rodgers and Hammerstein ones. When I was in High School we went to see South Pacific at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera.  I'll never forget it. It starred Anita Gillette and Stephen Arlen. I was lucky enough to meet and work with them both years later. I did the concert version of the show in November and was thrilled when I was offered this role at WBT.  It's good to be back. I did two shows in the old theatre, An Evening Dinner Theatre but this is my first time in the NEW space.
George Dvorsky as Emile de Becque in South Pacific 

I know the film very well and I always thought it bizarre that they used the different color washes in some of the scenes.  I, of course, had seen it on TV as a child and I thought something was wrong with the TV when the whole screen went Blue, then Yellow, Then Red...  But I LOVED the film.   And since my favorite movie is THE SOUND OF MUSIC and I love OKLAHOMA! and CAROUSEL, I think the movie musicals are wonderful. Especially the R&H ones.
 For years my favorite show was CAROUSEL. That score is one of the best ever written, but, when I was in the ensemble of the Pittsburgh CLO right out of college the season included CAROUSEL and a gem of a show, SHE LOVES ME.  I had never heard of it but have done it four times since and I feel like the role of George Novak was written for me.  I feel the same way about Capt Von Trapp in THE SOUND OF MUSIC. 
When not on stage, I enjoy taking care of Nine year old rescue, Zeke.  He's a Pomeranian who thinks he's a bulldog.
On my Ipod? Just added this week is CHEEK TO CHEEK the new Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga project. It's pretty wonderful as is Barbra Streisand's PARTNERS.  But people are always surprised to see complete libraries of Olivia Newton-John and Linda Ronstadt.  I have everything they've ever recorded!



Saw the opening show yesterday, and as usual, had a wonderful day. Haven't missed a WBT show for over 15 years, and it seems as though my life is built on counting the days until the next show -- Which will be the Christmas show!

We have never been disappointed with any of the WBT shows -- In fact each one seems to have reached the top and was even better than the last show. South Pacific was no different. The talent was top notch -- The voices were over the top! All of the members were perfectly cast, and I don't think they could have found a better voice than yours for the part of Emile.

Many moons ago, I ushered at the Schubert Theatre in Chicago -- First after school, and then as a 2nd job before moving to NY. Sound of Music was one of the shows with a very long run. I don't want to date myself, but Maria von Trapp actually came to one of those performances. You were probably in short pants at the time!

Anyway, after seeing and hearing you yesterday, I do believe you were made to play the part of Capt. von Trapp, and hope that should they do a revival on Broadway, you audition! You would be super!

Having been a Sweet Adeline for several years, I enjoyed your comment about your Dad being in a Barber Shop Quartet in the Army. I was in the Navy chorus during my tour and enjoyed every minute of it. You should have been a Barber Shopper too. The Bass in a quartet is like the crust on a pizza. It holds everything else together, and you would make a fabulous Bass.

Back to yesterday, as we were walking my Service Dog (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) around the building, had to chuckle as you were swiftly heading out to the grass with your little dog tucked under your arm. We were out for the same reason! Anyone who loves dogs, and adopts rescues can't be all bad. Our Chessie was found on the streets at 6 months, and spent the next 3 years in a kennel. We have had her for nearly two years, and now she plays a dual role as a Service Dog/Certified Therapy Dog who visits nursing homes, Hospice, Class Rooms, a Drug Treatment Program and of course church every Sunday!

Sorry for the rambling -- Do have a wonderful run, and best wishes for your future endeavors.

Hopefully, we will see you again soon.
Posted by: Annette Smith on September 26, 2014 at 3:03:00 pm

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