Meet Sebastian Goldberg

Posted by: Pia Haas on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Sebastian plays Lew Ayers and other character roles in Backwards! Read about this funny, versatile actor!

 Sebastian (l) with Ryan Steer.

I  grew up in Lexington, MA. My mom is a dancer/dance teacher, so I was pretty much dancing from the time I could walk! I performed in her annual recital every year, and got into musical theater when I was in 8th grade. I was lucky to have a great theater program in the next town over and spent all of my summers doing shows there and getting great real world training in this industry.

Growing up in my dancing household was definitely a major part in my career path; I think I realized when I was about 12 or 13 that performing was more than just a hobby to me and that I couldn't imagine living my life and being happy without being on stage.

I heard of  this show when I saw the auditions posted! Of course I grew up watching the classic Fred, Ginger, Gene Kelly movies, so I was drawn to this production just out of a love for the material we'd be recreating.

I did Mary Poppins here last summer, and I love working at WBT. It's great being so close to the city, and the schedule really accommodates making great connections with your castmates.

I really love classic dance production shows; 42nd Street, Crazy For You, Singin' in the Rain are a few favorites that I've been lucky enough to perform. I really just love to dance and sing so as long as I'm doing that I'm happy :)

When I'm not on stage I like to catch up on sleep...I like to exercise a lot, cook, spend time outdoors, spend as much time as possible with my friends. 

On my Ipod? I listen to a little bit of everything but lately it's been a lot of Years & Years, dumblonde, and always Mariah Carey :)


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