Meet Amanda Pulcini, the delightful Ellie in SHOW BOAT

Posted by: Pia Haas on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Amanda (as Ellie May Chipley) with Daniel Scott Walton in Show Boat.

I was watching movies and going to see shows at a young age. I was always fully enamored with the actors. And I also loved watching my older sister tell stories.  She is quick and witty and I remember always thinking, I want to make people laugh like my sister. Why I was young, my mom used to give me voice lessons in the car and I would sing to Celine Dion for hours.  (I am nobody's Celine Dion but it was fun to pretend when I was little!!) Richard Stafford has been a huge mentor in my professional career.  He is always so loving and expects much from you.  I loved a director that pushes me and challenges me.

We had so many film versions of musicals,  my mom and I were always watching classic movies.  Singin' in the Rain was my favorite! Musicals we're really introduced through Disney movies and then very quickly, I was begging my parents to take me to see "Phantom of the Opera". And my dad and I flew to Toronto and to see  it and I was forever in love.  

I think stage musicals being made into movie/tv musicals is such a wonderful idea.  The more we can tell share these stories,  the more the art will grow and blossom. 

I started here sat WBT as a non performing swing  on Nine with Robert Cuccioli, then worked on Legally Blonde, and the last show I did was Fiddler on the Roof. I love the family that is formed between the cast and crew. The friends I have made in these shows, are still friends who I get together with often.  I can only hope for the same camaraderie in Show Boat

Favorite shows? Oh please, I am so fickle. I have a new favorite show/role every other day. However, I love doing shows that make you question your view on life. I am really attracted to scripts that aren't afraid to challenge the status quo. And I feel very passionately about bringing life to new and developing works.

 When not on stage, I'm eating. If I could eat and do yoga all day, I would be thrilled. Throw in a little football and bourbon and I am set.!

I like so many different styles of music from classical to pop.  Guilty pleasure is the 80s music. It was just a ridiculously awesome time for feelings and for hair!


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