Aubrey Sinn is MARIA

Posted by: Pia Haas on Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 12:00:00 am
AUBREY SINN (Maria in The Sound Of Music) shares with us some of her observations!
"I Think SOM is so iconic because it's a beautiful, inspiring story that has received some fantastic productions.  By staying true to the story and the relationships, I think one can escape the trap of mimicking previous interpretations.  When we imbue each of our roles with our own unique humanity, it keeps each moment fresh for the audience but still tells the story of the Von Trapp family.

Putting up an entire musical in 10 days is definitely a bit intimidating!  The producers sent me the script & score early, so I was able to get a lot of memorization done beforehand (which helped immensely). At the same time, there's a freedom in putting something like this together so quickly.  I think it encourages us to trust our instincts and put everything out there in a very committed way, since we don't have time to obsess and over-analyze.  We need to try something, see if it works, and then try something new if it doesn't!
I wish I had a hilarious anecdote but I feel like it's been pretty smooth sailing!I will say that our very first preview audience was amazing.  They were our first audience ever and they applauded for every event, sometimes right in the middle of scenes - when Maria comes back, when Maria and the captain finally confess their love for each other.  I don't know if I even realized before then just how many people know and love this story and these characters and continue to root for them even though we all know how it ends!  It's such a delight to be part of bringing this story to life for people who have loved SOM for years and for people who may not have seen it before.

It's funny to me that I'm working with kids in this show and we did in fact have dogs in the last show I did at WBT! (Legally Blonde last season) Truly, I wouldn't have
it any other way.  We have two terrific casts of children.  I adore them and I love being on-stage with them.  We have all been impressed by how focused and well-behaved they have been.  Are there squirrely moments and hiccups here and there?  Absolutely!  But that comes with being human and being in live theater.  And when unexpected things happen onstage, I've found that these kids can really pull it together.   And the dogs were just super cute - who wouldn't want to hang out with them after a show??"


You have some large shoes to follow - Mary Martin, Florence Henderson, Julie Andrews, etc. Can't wait to see you next month. Will say that I once met the Baroness when she attended a performance of the National Company of SOM in Chicago. Seemed like a nice lady. The main difference she said between real life and this production is that the oldest child was a boy! Have the vinyl of the "The Trapp Family Singers" singing SOM. Have put it on a CD, and will share it with Pia and whomever else would like a copy when we come on the 8th. Enjoy the rest of your run!
Posted by: Annette Smith on July 25, 2013 at 3:20:00 pm

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