Posted by: wbtpress on Monday, November 17, 2008 at 11:53:00 am

Watch this terrific tribute to Mel Brooks featuring the cast of "The Producers" at Westchester Broadway Theatre with their rendition of Cameo's 80's classic, "Word Up."

Featuring: Eric Anderson as Franz Liebkind, Anthony Valbiro as the cop, Bob Amaral as Max Bialystock, Jel Newsome as Leo Bloom, Craig Fols as Roger Debris, John West as Carmen Gia, and Karyn McNay as Ulla, with Delaine Andrews, Sarah Burns, Jesse Coleman, JR Jacobs, Shari Jordan, John O'Malley, Rob Ouellette, Lindsay Packard, Ronald L Remke Jr., Melissa Sybil, Correy West, Tracy J Wholf, and Jesse Wildman.  


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