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Monday, September 28, 2009

Tap along to 42nd Street...

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The Show opened to a sold-out house...the cheers were deafening!  Come see it for yourself!

Jennifer Cameron, Derek Roland, Jenna Edison, Shannon M. O'Bryan and Ashley Peacock tapping away in "Go Into Your Dance"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rehearsing 42ND STREET!

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The halls are alive with the sound of tapping, as the cast gets ready for Opening Night!  Here are some cast members in between dance steps! [gallery=20]

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dancin' Feet & Millie!

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Yes the Dancing in 42ND STREET will be Fantastic! Randy Skinner, Director/Choreographer extrordinaire, will see to that! The cast is Incredible! The costumes are fabulous!  We're ready for "The Lullabye of Broadway!"

But our newest little star is MILLIE the dog! See her live starting September 24TH!   Millie is a six year-old Havanese. She just had a birthday on September 16th. She divides her time between her NYC apartment and her country home in Vermont. She travels to theatres far  and wide with Actress, Dorothy Stanley (our Dorothy Brock in 42ND STREET), who adopted her from "Broadway Barks".  Millie is no stranger to the stage and even has a fan club!  Her breed is a cousin to the Maltese and was brought to Cuba to be a companion dog to the wealthy!  You can see Millie & her Human cast mates  on the WBT stage in our terrific production of 42ND STREET!  Woof!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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SIX performances left!!   Get over here to see the show that  has kept WBT audiences in stitches..... as well as keeping OFF BROADWAY hopping for 12 years! The cast is terrific!    And, If you want to see fabulous, LOCAL girl, Christine's your chance!   She's on stage... at WEDNESDAY's performances ONLY! She & Pat McRoberts (of BUDDY fame) do a hot Marriage Tango!

Ask for the 35th Anniversary Special.......and save some bucks!