Irish or not.......Here He comes!

Posted by: wbtpress on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 2:43:00 pm

Imagine Christmas Time in Ireland…... A warm turf fire on a cold night, a rousing sing-along by the hearth, favorite Christmas songs and hymns, laughter as everyone gathers for a sampling of Irish wit and wisdom, and the joyfulness of youthful dancing in celebration of the holidays, then allow Tony Kenny, Ireland’s Premier Entertainer, and his all-star cast to take you there.
This multi-talented, award-winning performer has put together an extravaganza of talent and wrapped it all up in a big holiday package called Christmas Time In Ireland. This inspirational family show takes the audience on a magical journey to the Emerald Isle at Christmas, where there is a celebration of family in every home, a candle in every window, and a song in every heart. Tuesday, December 15 only!


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