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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Voyager lands at WBT!

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This Delightful Holiday Musical is a true celebration of the Season. All the splendor of Christmas is brought to life in a magical journey through Yuletides past. The holiday songs we all know and love are wrapped up in a heartwarming celebration of spirit that will delight audiences of all ages.  Lost in a future time and desperate to return to his home galaxy, our Starman journeys back through time searching for that magical December 24th evening when three brilliant stars came together and changed the course of history.  Knowing that these same stars will set him on the right course toward home, Noel journeys around the world and touches down in a small town in America, The North Pole, Dickens' England and many other places on his quest. 

Our terrific cast includes Nick Gaswirth, as Noel, the Starman, Ellen Condon, David Edwards, Jayson Elliott, Stacia Fernandez, Jonathan Stahl, and Karen Zondag with local children, Sofia Singer and Sophia Toppo..

The Book of  The Christmas Voyager was written By Robert Fitzsimmons and Kathy Wheeler and Musical arrangements are by Steven Silverstein.  Robert Fitzsimmons, who passed away in 1992, wrote The Christmas Voyager, as well as several other Christmas Shows which he directed and produced here at WBT and at An Evening Dinner Theatre. He was a gifted Playwright of Children’s Theatre and an accomplished Director. 

 We are very fortunate to have Richard Stafford to direct and choreograph our production.  He returns to WBT, where he recently directed Gypsy, Beauty And The Beast and A Wonderful Life.  Jonathan Stahl, an associate of Richard Stafford who has worked alongside him on several shows here at WBT, will be the Associate Choreographer.  Angela Howell who appeared in and was the Musical Director for BUDDY, will be our Musical Director. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girls' Night Out!!

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It's raining men!
A cast of sexy Aussies removing their clothes, one item at a time.
Cheesy? Check!
Hot bodies? Check!
Loads of screaming women? Check!
Lip syncing & choreographed dances? Check!
Props, like pirate wear & ladders? Check!
It all adds up to a fun night.
Ladies! Forget your inhibitions, just go for it!

-Forbes Traveler named Thunder one of sexiest reviews in Las Vegas.
-Winner: Best of Las Vegas - 4 years in a row!
TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 17 & 18. $75. for Dinner & show.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tom Tells it like it is!

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Tom Galantich as Julian Marsh, the driven Director who makes Peggy Sawyer a star!

    I grew up primarily on Long Island. But I also lived in Ohio and Maine. It was a pretty typical upbringing. Nothing unusual or earth shattering. I grew up at a time when TV was becoming mainstream in homes so I watched the old movies that were being shown and that may have gotten me thinking about acting. I'm a huge fan of Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, and Jack Lemmon. Their styles were ones that I identified with.  

    I had a mentor of sorts when I started out in Chicago by the name of Jim Sudik. A brilliant actor. I don't know where he is now, but he had a huge affect on me.

     I like intelligent shows like CITY OF ANGELS and 1776. I like to be challenged as a performer and theater goer. I don't know if I have a dream role. I usually enjoy what ever role I'm playing at the time.

    My favorite moment in 42Nd Street is my last when I sing the reprise of 42ND ST and get to express the feelings that Julian has about it and what it means to him. It's the release of all that stress leading up to the opening of the fictional PRETTY LADY. All the hard work and pain being rewarded with a hit show. It's what he lives for. He's back on top and flying high. My favorite moment to watch in the show is the number GO INTO YOUR DANCE because the tapping is so wonderful and Shannon, Jenna, Jennifer, Ashley and Derek, who do it, are amazing to watch.

    I'm a sports fan, so I watch a lot of that. I'm a Mets fan, so I've been in a lot of pain this year. I also like the Giants, Knicks and Rangers. However, that doesn't mean I dislike the Yankees, Jets, Nets and Devils. I root for all the local teams. My favorite activity is golfing. I also enjoy working on my house.

    I Pod?  I only have a shuffle. I haven't invested in a bigger one. It seems to hold all the music I need so far. On it I have classic easy listening mostly. Billy Joel, The Beatles, Sinatra, The Beach Boys, mixed with lots of 70's standards. But lately, I'm becoming more interested in newer artists.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shannon wows the crowds!

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Shannon M. O'Bryan  
  I grew up in
Louisville, KY. Started dancing at a very young age and fell in love! I have an unbelievably supportive family. My parents, Bill and Linda, my brother, Jeramie and his wife, Melinda and their amazing children, Conor and Riley along with my fiance, Brian, are my rocks.

          I attended the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville for High School. Danced several hours every day and thought that I would one day become a company dancer. My mentor, Gail Benedict, was a very successful Broadway actress and a Peggy Sawyer in the original version of '42nd Street' and nudged me towards musical theatre. She encouraged me to go to college for musical theatre and work more on singing and acting. Singing still makes me nervous to this day, but I love creating these amazing roles onstage. I grew up obsessed with the old movie musicals and by switching to theatre, I felt like I was getting a taste of what it was like to be Ginger Rogers, Eleanor Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Day, Cyd Charisse, or even Judy Garland. Gail had such a huge influence on me though and I couldn't thank her enough...for my very first audition in New York was for '42nd Street' and I got the job. That's when I began my own Peggy journey.
42nd Street' definitely holds a huge spot in my heart. Peggy was always my dream role and remains a dream to perform every night. I also love 'White Christmas' (Judy Haynes). 'West Side Story' is such a dream to dance and be a part of. I am still hoping to one day do 'Crazy For You' (Polly Baker) and 'Singin' In The Rain' (Kathy Seldon). 

         I love hanging out and hoofing with the girls and Andy Lee in 'Go Into Your Dance'. It's such a perfect little number. I also love all of the simple scenes between Peggy and Julian. They are so honest and surprisingly potent for this particular style of musical. In our world it is so easy to become bitter and angry, but Peggy breathes life back into Julian and is a charming, simple little reminder of what a beautiful thing we are a part of. In the toughest of times (like today) we have the power of bringing a glimpse of happiness to thousands of people's lives. We can actually make people happy and forget about everything else for a couple of hours every day. That's a power that's worth remembering and fighting for. Peggy saves him by reminding him of why he has spent his life doing what he does.

              I am a tomboy at heart and a huge lover of the great outdoors. I play and watch any sport I possibly can, I love camping and traveling with my fiance. Right now, my favorite thing to do is plan my upcoming wedding and scream and yell at my T.V. for the Yankees.

 What's on your Ipod? That's a pretty loaded question! I have a bit of everything on my ipod... from Rock, to Jazz, to oldies, to classical, to musicals, to alternative, to old country and everything in between. Brian (my fiance) is a rock drummer and I'm a very different kind of musician, so we have a huge respect for almost every type of music. It's the most amazing way to express yourself. Check out Brian's band, 'Voice of the Population' and a couple of our friends 'Mr. North', Michael Brunnock, and Toby Lightman.

With Todd Lattimore in 42ND STREET