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Monday, March 22, 2010

NINE...a preview!!

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Friday, March 19, 2010


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Maury Yeston, Oscar Nominee & Tony award winning Composer of NINE  will discuss his show & will offer a question and answer opportunity to the audience before the performance of NINE on Friday, March 26th!
Here is a chance to ask him about the show and his experience with the Tony Award Winning Musical and the newly released major Motion Picture.
Wonder what Guido is really thinking? And the women? Get the insights from the source! Do not miss this One Night Only event!

 FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2010 
Dinner at 6:30 Show at 8PM (914)592-2222
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Boys in NINE!

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Several very talented, young, local actors are appearing in NINE! Read on to find out about their experiences in the Acting game!

Serraghina (Cari Chrisostomou) with (Clockwise from left: Zach Rand, Adrian Nobile, Troy Tripicchio, John Carlos Lefkowitz, Ryan Jones, Travis Ramirez)  & Robert Cuccioli Perform "Be Italian".

Ryan Jones is 10 years old and is from Darien, CT. He started training at the ACT school on Long Island.  He was recognized immediately as a stand out performer.  While living abroad in London, one of his teachers announced that Ryan would either be a politician or an actor.  Ryan is following the latter.  He has been in several student films and has learned a lot about the craft.  Live theatre has been a new experience for Ryan and he is loving it!  He feels that the cast is "one BIG family" and he can’t wait to do more.  Outside of acting, Ryan's undefeated basketball team is the final round of the playoffs.  His other interests include competitive sailing, tennis, lacrosse and baseball.  He loves school and is looking forward to going to the Middle School next year. Ryan is basically a well rounded, All American boy.                                                                                                                    

John Carlos Lefkowitz  is the youngest of  7 siblings, so he's had an audience all his life. When he was 4 he sat backstage while his mom was working on the crew for the Rockland Youth Dance Ensemble’s (RYDE) Nutcracker. John Carlos watched the Mouse King from the wings and asked, "What do I have to do to be the Mouse King?" His Mom told him he had to study ballet and get much bigger. He started ballet lessons at Coupe Theater Studio in Nanuet immediately, and has added jazz and tap classes as well. He has been Fritz in RYDE's production of the Nutcracker for the past three years, and is very much looking forward to dancing in the Spring Demo this June. He is still waiting to get big. In addition to dance, John Carlos studies piano at Rockland Conservatory and also takes Aikido lessons. He enjoys reading, drawing, skiing, and math. He's not sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but he thinks he's narrowed it down to artist, dancer, or scientist.  John Carlos is loving his time with the cast of Nine. He loves the music, being on stage, and the people he's met. He said, "I've made so many new friends! "He is a third grade student at the Blue Rock School in West Nyack.

Adrian Nobile has a hard act to follow considering he has 18 year old TRIPLET brothers!  But, Adrian never lacked for personality and has carved out a niche for himself.  At 10 years old, having never stepped foot on a stage before, he decided to join a summer theater program. He landed the lead in "Pippin".  He commanded the stage with an ease and comfort that actually startled his parents! He was genuinely having a ball!  He finds all facets of putting on a show intriguing and is soaking in this experience at WBT. Being in Nine has been a blast for Adrian and he has made some great new friends. He's very much a people person and enjoys learning and being around all ages.  He has learned a great deal by watching Robert (Cuccioli) practice and admires his professionalism, skill and character.  In fact, all the actors in Nine have inspired Adrian too reach higher and make it his own.  He is appreciative that Jonathan (Stahl) gave him a chance to do so.  Adrian has been on the honor roll at Highland's Middle School, in White Plains, every semester.  He has participated in his school plays and Honor Choir, plays the piano and drums. Adrian loves to snowboard and water ski, shares a love of cars and riding in his Dad's '71 Camaro muscle car.  He is very family oriented and loves spending time with his grandparents, just playing cards and talking.  His love of music is eclectic to say the least, with Led Zeppelin being his favorite band along with The Beatles and Michael Jackson.  His love of musicals was inspired by Mom who would move the furniture and blast the music so he could dance and sing with her; seeing Chicago, West Side Story, and Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, sealed the deal.

Travis Ramirez (Young Guido) is 11 years old and is from Croton On Hudson. Though he had no "professional" training, he auditioned for the part of Young Guido in Nine at the suggestion of his middle school music teacher. He is having the time of his life in the show and if you asked him about the experience he would simply say he's "enjoying the experience, happy to be in the company of such talented people and overall, just having fun." It's all new to him. He loves the cast & crew and credits them in helping him feel comfortable and confident in his role, from the very first day of rehearsals. When not at the theater or in school, Travis enjoys playing video games, watching baseball, football, and movies, and basically just hanging out with his family and friends. He has been taking piano lessons for a couple of years and his favorite subject in school is English. He loves to go on family vacations, particularly cities rich in American history. During such a trip to our nation's capitol, which included a tour of the White House when he was 5 years old,  Travis decided he would like to be President someday. 
Zach Rand (Young Guido) got his start in theatre when his big sister Olivia first started performing at Yorktown Stage. It was there that Zach learned about the loving family of the theatre. An avid "watcher" it was two years before he asked to give the stage a try. He began as a lollipop kid in The Wizard of Oz and never turned back. After performing locally in many shows, he landed the role of Gavroche in the revival of Les Miserables on Broadway where life changed forever. Just 9 months before, Zach's oldest sister, Chloe, died and at a time when the family was in deep mourning, Zach's entrance on Broadway brought new life to the entire family. Just weeks after being the last Gavroche to ever perform on a Broadway stage, Zach was cast in Mary Poppins on Broadway where he spent 14 months performing as Michael Banks. He went on to the National Tour of Mary Poppins which was his first experience with seeing and living in other parts of the country. He lived in Kansas City for two months where he originated his role in A Chirstmas Story, The Musical, which is headed to Seattle for the Christmas season this year.
Zach has carried the spirit and love of his sister Chloe with him. He often "feels" her with him when he is auditioning and when he is performing. He believes that it is her spirit that carries him through. Zach started Mildred E Strang Middle School in January after being on the road. He absolutely loves being a "normal" student and is thrilled that his tutor on the road accelerated him in math. Now instead of it being his worst it is his best subject!  Performing in Nine at WBT affords Zach the opportunity to share the stage with many wonderful and talented actors, remain close to home so he can spend much needed time with his brother and sisters, and he gets to perform a role which is both pivotal to the piece and spectacular for a young boy. How lucky is he?

Troy Tripicchio is a 13 year old 7th grader currently attending LMK Middle School in Harrison. He loves being on stage, whether it be acting, singing or dancing. He also loves to read, write and hang out with his friends. He fell in love with theatre at the young age of 3. Troy has done several wonderful plays including High School Musical as Troy, Singin' in the Rain as Young Cosmo at Archbishop Stepinac High School, which earned him a Helen Hayes nomination for best child actor in a High School play, and WBT's  A Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim. Troy is having a great time doing Nine with his wonderful cast and crew at WBT. He says, "Each performance may technically be the same show, but they are all different and fun experiences." He really gets alot out of working with such talented adults, as they teach him so much. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Feelin' a wee bit Irish?

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Celebrate with The Glorious Irish Tenor,  Ronan Tynan!
Ronan Tynan, introduced to international audiences as a member of the Irish Tenors, became known for his unique voice and irresistible appeal.  His legs were amputated in his twenties due to a childhood disability, but he went on to become a medical doctor, international recording star and motivational speaker. Tynan rose to great fame in New York after 9/11 performing at many benefits and memorials for fallen members of the NYPD and FDNY. His performance at the Yankee games in those dark months cemented his legend. His album, Ronan, with the heartfelt song "Passing Through" honoring his mother who suffers from Alzheimer's, was the 8th best-selling classical album of 2005.  ONE NIGHT ONLY Monday, March 15th!