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Friday, May 21, 2010

SUGAR! Sweet Preview!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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RENT!!   Hip, authentic singers who move of all ethnicities to play various characters. Characters are 18-late 20s. Understudies will also be cast from these calls.  “All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to attend this audition.” 

Rehearsals begin: August 9, 2010.  Show: August 19, 2010 -  September 25, 2010
Patricia Wilcox – Director/Choreographer
John Schiappa – Associate Director
Christopher McGovern – Musical Director
Lisa Tiso – Producer/Casting Director
Equity Chorus Calls/Singers:
Tuesday, May 25, 2010: 10 AM
– Equity female singers who move.
Wednesday, May 26, 2010: 10 AM – Equity male singers who move.
Where: Nola Studios
250 West 54th St, 11th Floor. New York City
Notes/What to bring: Please prepare 16 bars of a contemporary rock, pop or gospel song. PLEASE, no musical theatre material. Bring sheet music; accompanist provided. Please bring a picture & resume, stapled together.
Minors must be accompanied by an adult
Non-Equity Open Calls:
Tuesday, May 25, 2010: Female Singers Who Move
Wednesday May 26, 2010: Male Singers Who Move
Where: Nola Studios
250 West 54th St, 11th Floor. New York City
Notes: The call will begin at or around 2pm.  Sign up cards will be put out at 12 noon.  Depending on the turn out this call may be closed at any time after 12 noon.  Unofficial lists will not be honored.  

Please prepare 16 bars of a contemporary rock, pop, or gospel song – PLEASE no musical theater tunes.   Depending on the turnout it may be necessary to type or reduce from 16 bars.   The ensemble in RENT plays various characters.  Understudies will also be cast from this call.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Monday, May 3, 2010

SUGAR is Sweet!

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Come see "the girls"  Daphne (Eric Santagata) & Josephine(Gary Lynch) as they sweet talk Sugar (Colleen Hawks, center)


What's the best way for two unemployed male musicians to escape the Chicago mob? Dress up in drag and join an all-female band on a train headed for Miami, of course!
The Hit Musical, SUGAR is based on Billy Wilder's 1959 comic masterpiece; "Some Like It Hot," starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. Two musicians in 1920s Chicago are unwilling witnesses to a showdown between rival bootleggers and need to get out of town fast. The only jobs to be had are in an all-girl band conveniently headed for sunny Miami. Their problems aren't over by a longshot, though: both fall for the band's lead singer, Sugar Kane; one of them becomes the object of affection for an elderly millionaire - and then the Chicago mobsters show up.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jonathan Stahl's NINE is a Ten!

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 Director of NINE, Jonathan Stahl

I grew up in south central PA in the valley between the north and south mountains.  Newville, PA to be exact. I lived in the country and had a very enjoyable upbringing that did not have a lot of urban culture.  I went to public school and did high school theatre productions.  I played in the band, sang in the choir... I did not start dancing till much later and eventually went away to college for musical theatre -- somewhat against all odds

I was somewhat influenced by Sunday afternoon movie musicals and movies by Shirley Temple.  I had a very supportive teacher in middle school who did one small community review who gave me encouragement.  In high school, I was mesmerized by the movie ALL THAT JAZZ.  I did not see much live theatre, but did go to local regional theatre when the opportunity arose. My own work has been greatly influenced by working with Richard Stafford as his associate the last few years.

In approaching directing NINE, I obviously did as much research as I could... watching the movie 8 1/2, reading up on Fellini, watching his movies, etc.  I saw the original production video at Lincoln Center Library as well as the 2002 revival for research.  I also have the life experience of also being a man who has reached 40 and knows the intricacies on moving forward in life that can accompany such a milestone. 

I have seen the recent movie of NINE. I think Mr. Marshall took on an interesting challenge.  It appears as if he tried to merge the movie "8 1/2" with the musical NINE.  They are two very separate mediums that do not lend themselves to being merged.  I think the movie is cinematically stunning, and there are a few wonderful performances.  I enjoyed the movie, but was mostly disappointed with how the "ensemble" of women that are in the musical were handled amongst the medium.  The stage version so beautifully gives the audience the opportunity to see how ALL women, from ALL walks of life had affected Guido.  The movie just made it look like super models and the likes were his only muse.  I think Guido has many muses.  I hope our production represents that.


I am not a big "favorites" person.  If I had to name a few favorite shows I guess I'd say RAGTIME, FALLSETTOS, INTO THE WOODS, KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN.  I have always wanted to play Whizzer in Fallsettos, I loved playing Lumiere in Beauty and Beast, and would like to play the lead in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMEN.


When I'm not working on a show, I like continuing my education…either as a performer (dance classes, acting classes and the like), or as a student of life.  I recently got my undergraduate degree after a 25 year hiatus and thoroughly enjoyed the education I received in doing so.  I like traveling, going to the gym and museums.  Ironically, I have to remind myself I need to go see shows from time to time.  I tend to forget to do that. But when I do go, I always love the theatre.