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Friday, February 25, 2011

Love in ...Cars, busses....

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Joan  & Mario DePalma of Yonkers, will be married 58 years on July 11, 2011!  According to Joan, they have been very good years:
We met one Sunday morning, when we were leaving the Church after Mass.  Mario approached me and introduced himself and ask if I was no longer taking the bus.  I was not aware that he had noticed me, when I waited for the bus in the morning.  I explained that I was now taking an earlier bus.  A few days later he was waiting at the bus stop in his car and offered to drive me to the train station.  I accepted and on the way he asked me to go out with him.  I, again, accepted and on our first date we played miniature golf.  Fourteen months later we were married on July 11th at the same church, St. Joseph's in Yonkers, where we met.
We had eight children and raised seven.  Our son, Jeffrey, passed away at 23 months of age. It was sometimes difficult raising a large family, but it was never dull and there was always a lot of fun.   We now have seventeen grandchildren and two granddaughters-in -law.  They are our joy.   
Mario retired two years ago and now volunteers at his former place of business.  I returned to work 34 years ago and still work four days a week.  We enjoy traveling, going out to dinner but our greatest enjoyment is when we are watching one of our grandchildren play baseball or basketball.  It is also a pleasure to baby sit for the younger ones.      
Our only suggestion for young couples getting married is when problems occur just remember all the good things about your spouse, why you married them and that you loved them.
Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lost & Found!

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Joyce & Burt Koyner of Ossining, NY have been married 50 years! 
My wife and I met at a hotel called Brickman’s in upstate New York. The first time I went to take her out, I got lost going there. She lived in the Bronx and I lived in Tarrytown. When I finally got to her apartment and we were about to leave on our date, her Aunt who was visiting said “Come back again.” I thought that was a good omen.
We got married at a place in New Rochelle. I can’t say that I was nervous, but I got a bloody nose just before the ceremony. The nose bleed stopped, luckily, before she walked down the aisle.
We have been blessed with 3 children and 4 wonderful grandchildren.
One of the ways to stay together is to learn 6 words. The first two are “yes dear” and the next four are “ you’re right, I’m sorry.”
It has been a pretty good life and I hope it continues for many more years.  
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love & Wisdom (teeth?)

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 Sylvia & Philip Feiner share 60 years as man & wife! Their story as told by their son, Paul Feiner:

My father, Philip Feiner (who will be 90 in March) and my mother, Sylvia Fuch Feiner, who is 86, have been married for 60 years. My father was at the dentist 61 years ago and the dentist told him that he had to take out a wisdom tooth. He asked my father if he'd like to meet someone terrific. Fortunately, he said yes before the wisdom tooth was taken out. The lesson: make all your important life decisions before the wisdom tooth comes out. The secret of the success: My mom and dad both put my mom first, according to grandchild Moriah Trenk.   

Love will last a Lifetime!

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Sam & Ruth Papa Of Briarcliff Manor, NY  will be married 58 years on February 21st, 2011.  Sam shared their story with us:
Yes we will be married 58 years on February 21st, 2011.  It all started at a mutual friend's house.  When we met,  I never stopped winking at Ruth. It was just a must to do. We talked, walked and dated and after coming out of the service,  we married in 1953.  

Our friends and family said that it would never last.  The few that are still around can see that it did, and it was, and is as great as ever.  We have two lovely daughters, and six grandchildren.  

Ruth worked as an administrative assistant in York College, and I worked at several financial houses and the New York Times. Our move to Briarcliff Manor was one of the best we ever made.  I enjoyed the years that I volunteered at the SPCA shelter and the "Puppies Behind Bars" program.  

Ruth loves to read, cook and watch "Book TV".    She adds that  the key to a long & happy marriage is " Tolerating what is unimportant. Looking at the alternative and realizing that not being together is not the answer. One must go on & accept things as they are now, people give up too easily today."

Sam agrees and adds that it helps if the couple has a "great example with their  parents'  marriage and how they kept it going.  Yes, It is always great at the beginning, but there are unexpected and unforseen bumps in the path...there are always stumbling blocks in a good things out, think about what you can say and do. And think about the original commitment you made and don't throw in the towel. Look for the happiness always."