My Three Jekylls???

Posted by: wbtpress on Monday, January 10, 2011 at 4:26:00 pm

 LIANNE MARIE DOBBS who is wowing audiences as the new LUCY in Jekyll & Hyde has a bit of a Tri-drama going on!  READ ON!


Rob Richardson, Xander Chauncey and Ben McHugh.

It was brought to my attention that on Saturday night - my seventh performance as Lucy - I was on stage lamenting over the beautiful eyes of my THIRD Jekyll. 

 I have to admit that it has been a real gift to contribute to the performances of  Xander Chauncey, Rob Richardson, and Benjamin McHugh as Jekyll & Hyde. People keep asking me: "What's that like?" 

I have the same intentions with all of them in our interaction on stage, but they each have their own way of observing Lucy at the Red Rat, comforting her, and toying with her as Hyde.  My story as Lucy is the same with each of my handsome leading men - but the actual moments that build up to loving Jekyll or being strangely drawn to Hyde are completely different. It is a wonderful acting exercise to come into a scene, see my leading man walk around me when I thought he was going to grab me and realize - 'Oh RIGHT! This is how THIS Hyde intimidates me! Silly girl! You can't plan how this is going to go! Just go with it!'

And so the sparks are that much brighter, because I'm truly not able to anticipate.  Xander, Rob and Ben all honor the story of Dr. Jekyll and Bob Cuccioli's vision - so we are all in good hands every night. One leading man's hand, however, may squeeze a little tighter than another - but that's my secret.  ;-)


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