Home For The Holidays

Posted by: wbtpress on Monday, November 21, 2011 at 5:50:00 pm
Director of Home For The Holidays, David Edwards: 
"The wonderful holiday shows at WBT have become somewhat of a tradition for me.  I am proud to have been part of the cast of CHRISTMAS VOYAGER (twice!) and to have played Scrooge in three different versions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.  In addition, it has been a gift to me to be a part of so many other WBT productions over the years, both as a performer and director.    This year I hope to give a gift back to the audiences with HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, a brand new holiday musical written just for the WBT.  Tony Javed and I have come up with a show that chronicles the life of a contemporary American family during the holiday season , weaving in a varied musical score that includes traditional favorites along with some lovely new surprises and contemporary holiday songs, and just a smattering of classic Broadway show tunes, a “musical menu” that we think audiences will find funny, touching, and joyous.  We’re having a great time putting it together and we think there’s going to be something for everyone in this show. We very much want it to be refreshing and new while very much in keeping with the traditional high standard of the holiday fare at Westchester Broadway Theatre. "
The cast rehearses.


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