Sigmund Says

Posted by: Pia Haas on Monday, December 22, 2014 at 1:00:00 pm

Nick Gaswirth plays Sigmund in It Happened One Christmas Eve. (With Jeanette Minson as Charlotte.)

I Grew up in Los Angeles. I Played lots of baseball and did lots of shows! The performing arts teachers at my high school were the ones who really pushed me to perform, and who taught me the basics of everything I've been doing for the last 15 years!
Original musicals are a bit tougher, but so much more rewarding, as you get the chance to create characters nobody's seen, and work on music that's often being tailored to your voice and style.
I own a web design business on the side, so once I'm comfortably in the run of a show, I like to work on code I'm developing during breaks--especially intermission.
On my Ipod you'll find Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons, The Beatles.
I enjoy being surrounded by family and friends during the Holidays. I spend Christmas Eve at my grandparents' house. I love Bagels and lox and hot chocolate on Christmas morning!


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