Leo Ash Evens "Steps In Time" as Bert!

Posted by: pia haas on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 2:00:00 pm

 I Grew up in Pittsburgh, PA.  Loved it there.  Great city for the arts.  My grandparents always took us to the theatre as a young kid, and I quickly knew it was what I want to do as a career.  My parents love the arts as well and have always been supportive of my profession.  I ended up attending Carnegie Mellon University for musical theatre which was only a half hour from home!  So once I graduated, I was hungry to exit Pittsburgh and head to the big apple!

I grew up watching the movie ANNIE all the time with my cousins. Carol Burnett was a huge influence.  Her comedy chops amazed me.  So I was always a big fan.  My mom bought me the entire Carol Burnett Show DVD set so I have every episode.  I really want to meet her.   Two other huge mentors are my parents.  I look up to their values and balance that they live their lives with.  Very inspiring.  I'm fortunate to have them. 
I certainly LOVED the movie as a kid, and wanted to be Dick Van Dyke badly.  He was effortless in his choices and had great charm.  I've always loved watching the song and dance man.  Loved him in BYE BYE BIRDIE as well.   So certainly when the show became a Broadway musical years ago, it was on my list of roles to play.  I'm thrilled to be doing it!  First time!

I love that so many musicals are being turned into films.  Musical Theatre is popular.  Very mainstream again.  Its exciting to be active in the business during such an embracing time of the arts. 
I've had the joy of playing the Emcee in CABARET  twice.  Certainly once of my favorties to date. Love  WEST SIDE STORY.  I've played Riff multiple times and have a lot of Jerome Robbins in my past.  Future roles I'd love to play...Leo Frank in PARADE, Frank 'n Furter in ROCKY HORROR, Bobby in CRAZY FOR YOU, and George in ALL MY SONS.  (to name a few ;)
I love to coach.  I am the Assistant Director of MTCA: Music Theatre College Auditions.   Its a team that preps high school students who are auditioning for BFA and BA undergraduate and graduate musical theatre and acting programs.  I am also one of the monologue coaches on the team.  Its very fulfilling to work with students during such a competitive time in their lives.  The coaching makes me a stronger actor, and the acting makes me a stronger coach. 
On my Ipod? Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Rait, Ben Folds, Pop/Dance mix that I create! ;)

With Chita Rivera & Mickey Calin                     as Riff in West Side Story.                                    as The Emcee in Cabaret.
(Original Riff - West Side Story on Bway).     


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