Xavier Reyes as Chino

Posted by: pia on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Xavier Reyes Plays Chino in our production of West Side Story!

I am a native islander! I grew up in  Guaynabo, Puerto Rico and moved to NY 4 years ago to pursue my college education. My family is very close together and we always spend time with one another. My family is my EVERYTHING and I am quite lucky to have them. I love and miss home every day, Puerto Rico. I wish I was there but the craft calls.

I decided to pursue acting in trying to find myself, so I would say that I influenced myself to become an actor. The theater was the only place that allowed me to escape reality and become other people. The fact that I can change people and the world each day keeps me moving forward. The first time I was onstage was 1999 and It was thanks to my father when he made me attend “some rehearsal” to be in a musical. I clearly remember moments of me sneaking around the audience and watching the show and wishing I could be the lead and have lines. I would always stay in the wings no matter what. It just felt so magical! In terms of mentors I owe everything to people like Jacqueline Duprey, Cynthia Henderson, Paula Cole, Mary Corsaro, Roy Lighner, Michael Kaplan, Norm Johnson and others!

The first time I heard of the show was in a middle school history class. Then I studied it  in college and dreamt of one day being Anita. I clearly remember asking my dance teacher at the moment, Roy Lightner, if I could do the combination in heels! This is my first time doing this show and I’m quite lucky to be part of this story concerning my people!   

I think that live musicals made into films do not do justice to the kind of magic experienced on stage at a live performance. 

Some of my favorite shows are Next To Normal, RENT, In the Heights, Kinky Boots, and La Cage Aux Folles.  I have a lot of dream roles which include Tituba in The Crucible, Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest, Belize in Angels in America, all the drag roles in theatre, all the Stephen Adly Guirgis roles, Sonny in In The Heights, Zaza and Jacob in La Cage Aux Folles and…I’ll stop here because honestly I want to do any role that's fulfilling and changes people. 

When I'm not onstage I love watching indie films, reading, auditioning, eating, drinking wine, being outside, observing, and dreaming. 

 Some of the things on my phone are my to do list, Dating Apps, tons of selfies, and Spotify. 


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