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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Great Balls Of Fire! Meet Dominique Scott!

Posted by: Pia Haas on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 12:00:00 am Comments (2)

I grew up in that good 305 MIAMI FLORIDA!! WOOT WOOT! Miami is a wonderfully diverse city - I grew up surrounded by a melting pot of people with different cultures, ideas... It was great to be exposed to so much at such a young age. I also went to a performing arts high school where everyone was very loving and accepting. It was the perfect environment for a young artist to grow and discover himself in.

Oh, I definitely didn't choose this. No one in their right mind would. Like the old saying goes: "it chose me." My mom took me to children's theater shows when I was a kid and I loved it. I was a hyperactive kid who was so passionate about performing. I was really ambitious too. I worked so hard and trained so much throughout my childhood. I learned everything I could - singing, dancing, acting, juggling, circus, tech - just everything I could get my hand on. I loved every minute of it, too. As far as mentors go - I've had so many great teachers who have influenced and inspired me in so many ways. There are too many to list, but I can assure you that I would not be the performer I am today without them.

My manager got me an audition for Million Dollar Quartet in 2010. It was one of my first auditions out of college. Since then - between appointments, callbacks, work sessions - I've probably been in for the show over 20 times. It never worked out for one reason or another until this past May when Hunter Foster and Michael Baker cast me in their Gateway production. The role is a once in a lifetime bucket-list type role - so, of course, it's met every expectation I had on how amazing I thought it would be to do.

I've had a pretty long history with Jerry Lee. Great Balls of Fire was the first piece of sheet music I bought from the music store when I started learning piano. Of course, I was 11 years old, and a terrible piano player, but I remember wanting to play rock and roll. Jerry Lee was my first introduction to that. I've seen many clips of Jerry Lee and have learned quite a bit of his music over the years for these auditions. There are also a couple biographies out there that are pretty helpful - Wikipedia and Google are great resources as well of course. However, the most important thing has been capturing the energy or the essence of who the guy is - more so than any type of direct impersonation.

Favorite shows: Miss Saigon, Ghost, Rock of Ages, MDQ, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, Jesus Christ Superstar, Toxic Avenger. I've played leads in half of those shows, so of course now I'd love to do the other half! Haha.

I'm never NOT doing something in the entertainment world. In addition to my acting career, I have a whole other separate music career. I'm involved in 3 different band/music projects. I run a music studio and produce my own music as well as other people's. I really do have a workaholic situation going on. I get it from my Dad. But I do feel fortunate to be able to do what I love all the time. To check out everything I do and stay up to date with all things DOM - definitely visit my very awesome website....

On my Ipod you'll find; Dirty Loops, Marianas Trench, Jonny Lang, Gallant, Brayton Bowman, Jason Loughlin, and any projects I'm working on.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Christmas in July Gift Certificate Special- June 24 thru July 31!

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Christmas in July
Buy one Gift Certificate for 2, at the regular price, and get a second gift certificate for two at 50% off!  

westchester broadway theatre gift certificates

Gift Certificates can be used for all of WBT’s Main Stage productions ANDmost of our Special Shows which all include a complete dinner and show. Recipients may choose from any of the Shows in our lineup.

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Discount may not be applied to previous or future purchases. Cannot be used with any other coupons or discounts.
Gift certificates purchased during July 2016 sale will be good thru January 31, 2018

Purchase at the WBT Box Office, By Phone (914) 592-2222 or Online


Monday, June 6, 2016

A Preview of the Stars Behind Ballroom Extravaganza

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Coming to Westchester Broadway Theatre soon is Ballroom Extravaganza with their show "We Are The Champions". Here's a preview of the all-star cast!


New to the cast are Italy’s champions Emanuele Pappacena and Francesca Lazzari who were second only to the Germans at the World Classical Showdance competition held in Berlin. They are elegant,  exciting and original in their presentations and enthrall audiences wherever they perform. Their home in Italy is Rome.


In recent performances Austin Joson and Nino Dzneladze “brought down the house” They are the world’s 21-and under Latin champions and swept all five of their dances for the world title held in Paris. There are few dancers over age 21 who can defeat them. They have appeared on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars” and PBS’s American Ballroom Challenge. 


 Diego Blanco and Ana Pardon without question are one of the most exciting couples in the world of Argentine Tango today. They are known for their innovative, captivating and joyful style and to watch them dance with their energetic elegance, superb technique and keen sense of musicality is to witness the rich history of the Argentine Tango. As performers, choreographers and teachers they have danced in tango festivals throughout Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean and the Americas.

 Returning to the cast is the sensational young Latin team of Tagir Mansurov and Alexandra Kondrashova following European and Asian success where they were Grand  finalists in the United Kingdom, Dutch and Asian Opens. In their first event in the U.S. they won the Disney Cup in Orlando, leading up to the U.S. Open where they took the bronze medal. Returning to Europe, they captured the Rising Star Open in Paris.


Making their debut in the cast are stars from Russia Ilia Zakharav with Anna Trukhan, the 2015 United States Showdance champions. Before coming to the U.S. Zakharav, who competed in Europe in all the European title events taught standard and Latin dancing at the Belarusian State University in Minsk. With the elegant Trukhan they are guest entertainers and teachers for Holland America, Princess Cruises and Celebrity  Cruise Companies. They also are regulars at Casino Resorts World in Manila.


 Rounding out the cast are Ricardo Sopin with Iraida Volodina, the world’s Rising Star American Rhythm champions and also World Mambo finalists. In 2015 they, too, won at the American Star Ball and Constitution State Challenge. The couple appeared on ABC-TV’s “Dancing With the Stars” in awareness to the devastation from the earthquake that hit Haiti and injured Sopin’s family. Ricardo and Iraida are co-owners of the Arthur Murray Studio in Greenwich, CT.

Ballroom Extravaganza is at 8 o'clock on June 7



Spotlight on Ballroom Extravaganza Dancers Anna Trukhan and Ilia Zakharav

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Anna Trukhan and her partner Ilia Zakharav are certain to be a popular dance couple of the Westchester Broadway Theatre audience when they appear in the Ballroom  Dancesport show “We Are the Champions” on Tuesday evening, June 7, 2016.

    In less than three years dancing together, Trukhan and Zakharav have heard nothing but resounding applause during their highly entertaining  presentations. They are currently the United States National Standard Showdance champions.  “Our victory in the United States is something we’re especially proud of,” says Trukhan who, along with her partner, are originally from Ukraine.

    “We’ve done a lot of shows lately and many aboard ships”, she points out.  “We’ve been regular performers and dance instructors for Holland,  America,  Princess Cruises and Celebrity Companies, and one of our first appearances together was at Casino Resort World in Manila, and needless to say many cities in Europe and the entire United States.”

    Ana and Ilia continually work at changing their well-rehearsed routines. “We keep in mind the type of audiences we’ll be dancing for,” she explains. At the WBT “Kooza”, a standard show dance will be new for them. It includes Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep foot work. A Viennese Waltz called “Thousand Years” and a dramatic International Tango titled “Kalinka Malinka” should appeal to the crowd.

    Six world renown couples comprise the show with each couple a champion in a different type dance. There are 30 show dance presentations that will be seen Including  contemporary Argentine Tango stars Diego Blanco and Ana Padron.

Showtime is 8 p.m. For reservations and further information contact the box office at (914) 592-2222. Tickets can be ordered online at