Grease Audience Reviews

Just a note of thanks.  I was at the Matinee yesterday and loved the show.  My wife and I and my 2 children sat in 170 & 171 and our server GENE was just a great person.  Is is people like that, that make your theatre a great time.  It was wet and cold outside but he was warm and friendly to everyone he served.  Not just me and mine.  I will ask to sit in his section nest time I come to your theatre, which should be in August for Little Shop.  Thanks again to all of you for what you do.  -- P. Miele

Just wanted to send a note thanking you for the night we had seeing your production of Grease.  We were at table 210 with our daughter, Faith (4 years old).  She was amazed seeing the show so close up.  She even interacted a few times with the actors saying things like "hi Sandy" and they were all so sweet to her with their little waves and winks.   During the close of the play a few of them motioned to her to do the hand jive and she was thrilled copying the moves along with them.  As if this wasn't enough, as we were getting ready to leave someone from backstage came out to meet us.  She told us the whole cast had been talking about Faith and got such a kick out of her singing along to all the songs, they wanted to meet her!!  We brought her around back and she met the cast.  She could barely speak she was soooooo overwhelmed and excited.  A few of the cast members hugged her, and some even took the time to get down on their knees to talk to her face to face.  Being this was Faith's first show she was really blown away.  When we told the cast GREASE was Faith's first play they all clapped for her.  They even told her that she was their best participating audience member yet!  My husband and I thanked the cast over and over again.  If Faith ends up being in plays when she is older, the night she had at GREASE will no doubt have a lot to do with it.  We just wanted to thank everyone for really going above and beyond and making such a special memory for our daughter.  I only with we had a camera with us. -- Maureen and Joe A., New Rochelle, NY