It Happened One Christmas Eve Audience Reviews

Another GREAT show from WBT!!!  We've been coming to WBT for years and the shows keep getting better and better (if that's possible!)!  But George Puello, the cast, and all involved truly outdid themselves this time! I.H.O.C.E. is the perfect Christmas show for the entire family. It captures the holiday message of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, UNDERSTANDING, LOYALTY, and PERSEVERANCE in a nostalgic blend of joy and sadness.  The cast was universally excellent -- the acting superb and the singing (the solos, the duets, and the group harmonies) the best yet at WBT! The set, the lighting, the costumes -- all perfectly fit the changing chronology of this show (Mr.Puello subtly uses the different women's hairstyles to show the passage of time!).  Congratulations again, WBT!  And just a suggestion: it's obvious from the appreciative audience at the sold-out performance that we attended that Christmas shows are a big hit at WBT, so why not bring back this show again, along with last Christmas' crowd-pleasing MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET and run them in alternate years?  Audiences never get tired of quality family entertainment, especially around the holidays!  -- Denise and Joe Z., Shrub Oak, NY

I have just literally left your theater and was VERY moved by your production of "It happened one Christmas". I had been adopted in 1964 at 4 months of age. My mother-in-law takes our family annually for Christmas and it just so happens that this year’s show was about a little girl "Dolly" who had been adopted into this family and how they love her! My Husband and I are in the middle of an adoption ourselves (from Kazakhstan) and are awaiting word as to when we can travel to pick up our baby girl Abigal Rose. It's a very difficult time for us especially that Christmas is upon us and your show brought a smile to our faces and joy in our hearts. I really want to buy her a music box like the one in the show but I forgot what song it played.  If it's not too much trouble, maybe you could be so kind as to let me know what the song was and where I may be able to get one. I would also love to have a program to show her someday and I seemed to have left mine in the theater. Please thank the entire cast and crew for a job well done...see you next Christmas (or sooner if we can!).  -- Joni T.  - Nyack, NY

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I celebrated my birthday this past Friday, December 30th. I wanted to say that it was the most pleasant experience ever. Your staff is absolutely wonderful, attentive, courteous, pleasant, friendly. The show was superb. The atmosphere of the theatre is grown and sexy. I will be visiting your theatre more frequently and have spread the word. Thank you for the wonderful experience.  -- A. Martinez

I was just writing to extend a thank you for the wonderful service we received during the Christmas show on the evening of 12/11.  Our party was seated in the Cole-Porter suite.  We almost had a scare when one of the women had lost a diamond from a ring.  Your staff serving us last night quickly helped us find the stone - needless to say that we are very thankful. Please extend a recognition to the staff if that is at all possible. Thanks again.  – Jim, Yorktown Hts, NY