Hot Mikado Audience Reviews

I read the review in today's JOURNAL NEWS by Peter Kramer of "The Hot Mikado".  I felt I had to let you know that it is possible that Mr. Kramer had a bad dinner and his views were cloudy, and quite distasteful. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the show (as we do every show at WBT) and could  not understand at all what points Mr. Kramer was making. He sort-of-like missed the show.  Was he seeing the same show we were? I understand he was upset with the screens, the acting and the dancing and the sound.  Maybe Mr. Kramer needs a hearing aid?  We heard fine, and I do believe we were sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!  Perhaps Mr. Kramer was having a bad day...or is just a poor judge of theatre (spelled "re", of course). Thank you for your production, and I am eagerly awaiting "Full Monty"-- why did he have to take a swing at that?  --Gary David