Little Shop of Horrors Audience Reviews

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience last evening. The show was spectacular but what really stands out is your fabulous staff. My husband and I mistakenly scheduled the show for Wednesday instead of Tues. Your staff called my home and fortunately told my son we were "late. We literally ran out of my daughter's home and drove to the theater, where the kindness continued! Your staff approached us immediately and offered dinner! We thought we had forfeited dinner by being  late. Thank you again and be sure I will spread the word about your dinner theater.  -- M. and J. Hines

Little Shop of Horrors was a delightful romp.  The principals were very talented, and the unseen voice of Audrey II as well as the man who worked the puppet astounded the audience.  The evening was pure entertainment.  It was a terrific way to spend my birthday.  We have been attending WBT productions since 1976, and they just seem to get better and more professional every year.  We recommended the show to all our friends and neighbors.  -- Carol G., White Plains, NY

Little Shop was the best show I have ever seen at WBT. I have been coming to this theatre for many years and this was by far the most fun and amazing show ever. I ended up seeing this show twice and loved it more each time. The leads were great and the puppets were amazing. Please do it again! BRAVO!!!!  -- Diana, Scarsdale, NY

This was my first time at Westchester Broadway Theatre and I thought that the whole experience was wonderful...the food was great and the show was amazing. All of the actors were very entertaining (including the plant, of course). I hope to be back again soon.  -- D. Coleman, Sandown, NH