Miss Saigon Audience Reviews

My friend Jacque & I treated our husbands (and ourselves) to the show as a Father’s Day gift. We enjoyed an outstanding meal and then sat there in awe at this breath-taking production. We were so pleased that we plan to take our daughters to a few of the children's events this fall. BRAVO!  -- Brenda W., Kingston, NY

I have never been to your theatre before. We had a fabulous time. The service was wonderful and the food delicious. I'm anxiously awaiting the next production. Thank you for a wonderful and entertaining evening. P.S.:  Does the chef give out the rice pudding recipe?  It was fabulous!  -- Linda Winchell

I love this show – Miss  Saigon – it is mint!  --Adriennne Wang. Manhasset, NY

Dear WBT and to the cast of Miss Saigon, My family and I have become members of the theatre and I have loved every show that I have seen since I joined.  This show however, moved me more than any movie or play that I have ever seen.  Yes, I am only 16 years old so maybe I have not seen many, but it was by far the best play experience I've ever had.  It has made me want to become an actress more now that I wanted before, and I try to sing the songs of the play with as much feeling and intention that the actors were able to do.  Thank you so much for such a good experience (and so many tears as well ^_^ it was the most I have cried for any show or play!) and I will remember this play for as long as I can. 
Thank you!  -- Lana Kitcher

This was my first visit to your theater.  I have seen "Miss Saigon" on Broadway 4 times.  Your production of the show was excellent, as were the sets, sound, and costumes.  The actors were equally outstanding, except for the performance of Deborah Lew as Kim. Miss Lew gave the performance of a lifetime, matched only by another "Kim,” Lea Salon. -- L. R. Warfield, Jericho, NY

Outstanding! My husband and I took my daughter and niece.  The ladies were so moved by the strong performances we cried. We are subscribers for the last couple of years and this is, by far, the best production we've seen. The performances by Deborah Lew and Chris Alan Hall were so mesmerizing that we forgot we were at a theatre.  For a brief time, we were in Saigon.  We were so delighted with the performance that we stayed to get autographs from the brilliant actors.  Thank you for bringing such talented performances to Westchester.  -- B. Dayne, Yorktown Hts, NY