My Fair Lady - Audience Reviews

My family has been coming to Westchester since not too long after it opened in their other location with the small stage.  We have thoroughly enjoyed all the shows from the hilarious "Are We There Yet" to "Phantom", "Singing in the Rain" and many, many, many more.  All were wonderful.  This production of "My Fair Lady" was absolutely outstanding.  From the Ensemble through to all the lead performers. Tom Galanatich as Henry Higgins and Bill Dietrich as Aflred were fantastic and Jennifer Babiak as Eliza just blew us away. I saw the show a week ago and the songs are still going through my head.  What an absolutely fabulous show.  This cast is amazing.  -- Lois W.; New Milford, CT

What a FABULOUS show!  We loved it!  Each and every cast member was EXCELLENT in his or her roles! The three leads were perfect in their chemistry and charisma together! Have to mention that I thought the number “On the Street Where you Live” was a scene stealer, for sure!  Hats off to the casting director that selected the ensemble group, too.  From the street people in the beginning to the society patrons they played at the ball, the entire cast transitioned before our eyes into these parts.  So impressive their dancing, acting and singing ability that some people have rolled into one ball of talent! Costumes… The black and white costumes were STUNNING and those ladies hats, right off the imagery of a royal wedding we recently saw on TV! Can’t say enough about the set design and the scenery, too. Always amazing what the WBT does between scenes and the audience is transferred into another setting. Loved the Professor’s home with the tall windows and drapes and moveable desk and lounge that carried off the theme. My Fair Lady is always a crowd pleaser, but this version at the WBT will be an undoubtedly smash in attendance when word gets out about this fine production where every aspect of it is FIVE STAR!  Thanks again for a wonderful night out of extraordinary entertainment and fine dining!  I think this production has edged out my former number one choice of “Singing in the Rain” as my favorite WBT production.  -- Evelyn and Herb, This Week Magazine and The Montauk Sun

The show is outstanding, the cast is perfect in their roles, the dancing is terrific, the songs were performed beautifully (what a fantastic score!), and the costumes blew me away. All in all, WBT can be very proud of this production. We loved it and are sure everyone else who sees it will feel the same way.  -- Arlene Rosenblum 

Jennifer Babiak as Eliza Doolittle and Tom Galantich as Professor Higgins brought the classic Pygmalion and Galatea roles to life in the play.  The music, choreography, and exquisite costumes made the performance a pure delight. It was wonderful to see many children and young people in the audience.  Their parents were wise to introduce them to this timeless Lerner and Loewe production, which WBT did so well.  -- Carol G., White Plains, NY