Nine Audience Reviews

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing NINE.  In over twenty years I have never been disappointed in any show or dinner I've had there.  Thank you so much for years of pleasure.   -- V. Rudolph, White Plains, NY

I'm back.....this time after having seen NINE this past Sunday March 28th!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed this show. The cast was great.....the "Be Italian" scene with Cari Chrisostomou as Sarraghina was SPECTACULAR!!  Would see it again if not just for her.....the rest of the cast was outstanding as well with special shoutouts to Julie Tolivar as Carla....Lauren Blackman as Claudia (what a phenomenal voice) and of course Robert Cuccioli and Glory Crampton as the leads...Guido and Luisa!! Heading out to see RENT in September for my son's 18th birthday and of course making a trip back for JEKYLL AND HYDE!!  CAN'T WAIT!!  -- Debra T., Middletown, NY

WBT's production of NINE features a beautiful cast that takes the show back to its 1982 roots, and was well worth the drive from Astoria.  Bringing the Germans back to the spa (excised from the recent Broadway revival production) was a smart move, as the women playing these rolls were very funny and made their scene a hit and added humor to every scene in which they appeared. In fact, the humor throughout the script, usually played down in productions of NINE, has been played up throughout the production here, and it is a welcome change, as the humor helps to keep the audience engaged. Robert Cuccioli plays a wonderfully tortured Guido to Glory Crampton's wronged wife Luisa. Standouts in the cast are Lauren Blackman as Claudia, whose particular beauty and stature and strong, clear voice, allow her to stand out even when she is not the focus of a scene; Julie Tolivar as Carla, able to make us laugh and at her and then feel ashamed for having done so; and Jesmille Darbouze, whose performance as Our Lady of the Spa is the best I've seen in any production of NINE, including the original 1982 Broadway production. That girl has something special, and I look forward to seeing her again. The ensemble cast sings beautifully, and when called to do so (ensemble), the production soars.  If I lived closer to Elmsford, I'd happily pay to see this production again.  -- D. Harris, Woodside, NY

Robert Cuccioli as Guido and Glory Crampton as Luisa were outstanding. The "Be Italian" scene with Cari Chrisostomou was a knock-out.  The show was so much more effective than the movie with all its special effects.  The costuming and stark set really were fabulous.  It was a wonderful evening of adult theatre, and I recommend this performance for adult audiences.  -- Carol, White Plains, NY

Not since "Phantom" has there been a show so beautiful, sophisticated, and majestic!  The set alone is worth the ticket price!!!  But it does not end there.  Mr. Cuccioli is fabulous, as the brooding, tortured artist.  And he is surrounded by a bevy of beauties with voices to match.  It is a lavish, beautiful production.  Thank you Westchester Broadway Theatre for bringing us something else besides Carousel or Sound of Music!!!  -- Karen Lee, Monroe, NY