Phantom Audience Reviews

I just recently went with my fiancee to see Phantom. I wasn't going go because I saw the Broadway Show and didn't think it would be as good as Broadway, but to my surprise it was :)))))))) I was so IMPRESSED with Robert who is so TALENTED. I could not believe the special effects they were TERRIFIC :)  I loved everything about it and so did George:) George and I are the couple who recently got engaged Oct 29th at this theatre :) Have a great New Year:)  Lori & George

What a great show!  My group took it in this past Sunday and, to a person, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  Laughs, tears, frights...everything necessary to a grand theatre experience was experienced by all.  Some of us had also seen Webber's Broadway production and, of course, there were those who preferred that one, but even those had to admit that WBT's production of Phantom was excellent!  (And, in my humble opinion, the voices in this cast were far superior to that of the current cast of Webber's production.) Kudos to all involved in the production and extreme compliments to the entire staff (including the wait staff).  As usual--this was not our first visit to WBT--everyone went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed ourselves.  And we did!   -- B. Crane, Brooklyn, NY

In 1992 and 1996, my husband and I saw Phantom a total of 3 times.  It is our favorite play, masterfully produced and performed at WBT.  When we saw  Phantom was back , we bought tickets for ourselves and our 2  teenage daughters, aged 14 and 17..  At intermission, my 14-year old announced we HAD to come back and see it again -- so we did.  She said it was better than the hard rock concert she went to last summer. That compliment, from a teen, is better than winning a Tony Award.  Tonight, I will be back for my third time during this run, bringing my mother to celebrate her birthday. Bravo for bringing such an exquisite play to life again.  All of the actors and actresses are brilliant.  Please don't make me wait another 11 years before Phantom returns to WBT.  -- Francine G., Yorktown Heights, NY

Last evening I saw the most wonderful performance of "The Phantom". The voices were incredible. The show is now the top of my list of GREAT PERFORMANCES.....BRAVO TO ALL THE CAST AND TO THE WESTCHESTER  THEATRE.  -- Wanda L., Mahopac NY

I saw "Phantom" ten years ago when I refused to pay for and wait a year to see the other Phantom production on Broadway. Then last year, our children gave us gift tickets for that other Phantom. Half way through the Broadway  Phantom, I turned to my wife and said, "I know it has been nine years and  my memory of "Phantom" may have faded a bit, but "Phantom" was better.  I am not a theater critic but I researched others who are and they agreed with me. So, when I saw "Phantom" was coming back to WBT, I got a group together for the show. my memory did not fail me! I was right. "Phantom" is the better Phantom. If this production was this good on a small stage, I can only imagine what a Broadway production would be like. If "Phantom" returns again in ten years to WBT, "I'll be back" again for the real  Phantom.  -- Raymond C., Flushing NY

I have been a subscriber at your theatre for 20 years. I also belong to many clubs and churches.  Last Sunday evening I was enjoying the terrific performance of Phantom when unfortunately one of the men in the audience became ill.  Immediately the show stopped and didn't start again until the man was out of the theatre and in the ambulance.  As I said I belong to many groups and i have never seen so much attention, respect, dedication and love for a customer.  It was great to see that in this crazy world somebody still cares for people.  You deserve a big "BRAVO"! I would also like to thank the Westchester Broadway Theatre for giving us 34 years of such great entertainment and great service.  --  I. Dipaol

We went to see The Phantom of the Opera as part of our  25th wedding anniversary. We were not to convinced that this show would be of our liking, but we went to see it anyway despite our table number was 113 (front stage).  This was the best thing we had convinced ourselves of.  This is an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind theatre experience for us. The Phantom costumes were eye-catching, and the special effects are truly thrilling.The moment that Aaron Ramey (The Phantom) started to sing "Where in the World," it was jaw opening and all I could say was; "Wow, Wow, Wow..."  My husband and I had never heard a voice like Mr. Ramey's -- it is really a maestro and not just in character.  Oh, yes;: Kate Rockwell (Christine) was amazing also, but we had never heard such a  voice coming from a male.  I sat at the edge of my seat the rest of the show.  We find irresistible the character of Mr.Gary Marchek's (Cholet), he was hilarious to view, especially when he was in the scene with Sandy  Rosenberg (Carlotta). The show's eerie gondola ride to the  Phantom's cave, when the giant chandelier drops on the Paris Opera House  stage; and of course the teary eye scene with Mr. James Van Treuren  (Gerard Carriere) singing "You Are My Own" with Mr. Ramey. BRAVO!, BRAVO! BRAVO!" Sincerely Amazed!  -- Carmen and Richard V., Mount Vernon, NY

I have been involved professionally in the theatre for many years now.  On October 6th I witnessed perhaps one of the most breath aking pieces of theatre I have ever seen. I was amazed by the sets, costumes, breath taking performances and mindblowing staging...Both creatively and technically.....I am now a very busy hair colorist and have urged all of my clients to book tickets....and in the past 3 days 7 clients have done just that....BRAVO to a job well done...I have become a season subscriber and I must say that PHANTOM at the WBT put the Lloyd Webber version on B'way to SHAME...  -- Gina G., Stamford, CT

I finally was able to convince my husband to take me to the show at Westchester Broadway Theatre to see Phantom. He usually does not go for places with crowds.  Well, I tell you this, the dinner and show experience  was out of this world. The show left us in awe.  It was such a fantastic experience that we got home my husband made me go on line and order tickets for Christmas Carol.  We can't wait to go back . All I can say is Bravo!  -- Lynn and Rich. Bronxville NY

I am one of the majority that never takes the time to write a compliment, However I must take the time to compliment you and your "great staff.  From the moment we were seated the friendliness and competence of your staff was very evident. The night was great Your food was great and the show was wonderful! I will come back again and recommend you highly to all  IT IS A PLEASURE TO WRITE THIS TO A BUSINESS THAT IS STRIVING TO BE THE BEST AND YOU ARE!!  -- Ron F., Franklin Square, NY