“Titanic” sails into Westchester Broadway Theatre

Published: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 1:00 pm By: Solange De Santis Source: All About Armonk
rich are well-fed, while at the bottom of the ranks – and of the ship – stoker Frederick Barrett (Xander Chauncey) nurtures his own hopes and dreams.

Director Stephenson and choreographer Liza Gennaro have created fast-paced, fluid movement and clear groupings as the characters meet, interact and sometimes exist in separate worlds on the same ship.

It’s hard to single out particular members of the solidly professional cast, but McVety gives Etches a wry dignity as he expresses “What A Remarkable Age This Is!”, then tries to continue to serve his passengers during a night of crisis with “Wake Up, Wake Up!” and “Dressed in Your Pyjamas in the Grand Salon.”

Chauncey bring an almost desperate sense of urgency to the character of Barrett, singing “The Proposal” as he regards a photograph of his intended. The three Kates charmingly sing about being a “Lady’s Maid” while Plomgren and Noonan light up Charles and Caroline with young love in “I Give You My Hand.”

However, it’s in the second act that Yeston’s score reaches intense, near-operatic heights as the characters face life-and-death decisions. Studwell and Walbye’s achingly brilliant voices shine as Isidor and Ida refuse to be parted, expressing their decades of love and loyalty in “Still.”
As the ship’s architect, Thomas Andrews, Tom Hewitt heartbreakingly sings of his creation’s break-up in “Mr. Andrews’ Vision.” Hewitt, Heller and Parry as Andrews, Ismay and Smith angrily seek to portion out “The Blame” in a trio worthy of any Verdi opera. Lights fade on the characters who were lost, as the survivors, wrapped in blankets from the rescue ship Carpathia, mourn with “In Every Age” and salute the legend of Titanic with “Godspeed.”