Westchester Broadway Theatre’s CAMELOT

Published: Friday, February 13, 2015 By: Camille Kaiser Source: The Cue

The exquisite set design (Kyle Dixon) and creative lighting (Andrew Gmoser) quickly transport the audience to King Arthur’s enchanted empire.

Clark Scott Carmichael as King Arthur projects youthful charm as the reluctant groom in an arranged marriage (“I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight”) as does Jennifer Hope Wills as the beautiful, innocent Guenevere, the equally reluctant bride (“The Simple Joys of Maidenhood”). Merlyn the Magician (well played by Martin Van Treuren) persuades the King to accept his new bride and Guenevere is quickly charmed by King Arthur. The opening scene is not only musically exceptional but the clever dialogue is exquisitely and timely delivered by all, immediately captivating the audience.

Lancelot (well played by Jeremiah James) arrives seeking to join King Arthur‘s Knights of the Round Table, as he believes himself to be the bravest knight in the world (“C’est Moi”). Lancelot soon makes enemies of most of the knights, and they challenge him to a cleverly choreographed duel (“The Jousts“). He defeats them all and wins the crowd as well as Guinevere (“Before I Gaze at You Again”). And as we all know -- the plot thickens!

Director, Richard Sabellico, assembled a perfect cast who flawlessly executed his cleverly stylized version of Camelot. All the performers clearly defined their roles and performed them honestly. Martin Van Treuren as King Pellinore is, of course, the show stealer, keeping the audience laughing with his expert comedic timing and delivery.

The ensemble does justice to Mr. Sabellico’s remarkable choreography and makes the company numbers (“The Lusty Month of May”, “You May Take Me to the Fair”, “Fie on Goodness” ) visual as well as vocal delights. Kudos to musical director, Ryan Edward Wise and costumer Janelle Berte whose expertise greatly contributed to the success of this exceptional production.

“Camelot” continues through April 5th. For reservations, call (914) 592-2222. Don’t miss it. It’s a great way to shake off the Winter doldrums!