The CUE Reviews "Fiddler On The Roof" at Westchester Broadway Theatre

The CUE Review

Published: Friday, October 19, 2012 7:00 am By: DAVID PENTZ Source: CUE
that make Motel ever so more human and therefore makes the audience root for him to be Tzeitel’s betrothed. Andrew’s star turn with Motel’s song, “Miracle of Miracles” when he gets Teyve’s approval to marry Tzeitel hits all the right notes with the audience.

 Richard Stafford, the director, has done a wonderful job creating all the right moments and establishes some wonderful stage pictures as in “Sabbath Prayer.” He should be especially commended for taking great pains to incorporate the Fiddler in many scenes to great results.  The Fiddler, Andrew Mayer, actually plays the violin beautifully and create a very interesting portrayal of this character usually thrown away in past productions that I’ve seen. A character who silently comments on the action and at times acts as Teyve’s conscience, his little confidante – Andrew Mayer achieves all this and more.

 If I were to nitpick at all in an almost perfect production, it would be the occasional missed comedic moment or a missed comical phrasing in a song. This was particularly evident in “Tevye’s Dream.”  With that said, go – no run to the Westchester Broadway Theater to experience one ofAmerica’s best musicals and take your entire family. As Tevye says, “without our traditions our lives would be as shaky as, as a FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.”  Well this FIDDLER is definitely on firm ground

 FIDDLER runs now toNovember 25, 2012and returns January 3 – through February10, 2013.  For information or reservations, call, 914/ 592-2222.  L-Chaim to Life!